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( Jan. 31st, 2011 01:35 am)
This puts a whole new light to your supposed nice-ness.

I wanted to think you were better than that, Ally. That you had some SYMPATHY in you. But you proved me wrong. After 4th period was over, I left school. I have completely reconsidered any idea I had about you being a friend. You are obviously confused enough to think that YOU are the victim in this situation. GET REAL.

Sorry for saying anything. Sorry I didn't want to let you make me feel like shit anymore. Sorry I didn't want to let you try to make me into the perfect student anymore. Sorry I can't live up to your perfect ideals. And I'm *really* sorry I ever apologized...because it was wasted on you. Last time I checked...friends are better than that. Friends care about each other. And since you say yourself you want to care about me...that you all want to "care" about me...then how is that friendship?!

By the way, this bit about me being like Mike is literally the bitchiest, brattiest thing I've ever heard in my life. I know I get mad and get mean, but there are things you say and things you don't say. This is one of those things you DON'T say. Don't even think you're telling the truth. You're like Jekyll and Hyde---one minute you're a sweetheart, and then one thing doesn't go your way, and you have a fit. I'll talk shit about you whenever the fuck I want, you little cunt. I am definitely not the princess here. I am definitely not the person who needs to get over herself.

Ally, )

うぅーあー。 久しぶりに戻ったら私怨の嘔吐。 でも気持ちいい、はじめて気持ちのいい事が言えた。 この後も気持ちよかったりする予感。 なんだか前にもこんな事書いた気が…? 定期的に書かないと気がすまない? 上のはね、あの時言われた事を、色々言葉を変えて言い返そうと思った物だけど、結局「迷惑」だと思ってやめた。 下のは今思った事。 いかにものう。



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