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( Feb. 25th, 2011 10:26 pm)
I was so overwhelmed by tonight's episode of Supernatural that I actually, like, did an おーっほほほほっ laugh. Around the part where Jensen was on the soap opera. I ran out of ways to laugh. :| Holy shit. If you have a video of Naga, you will understand how this laugh sounds? I think I must have been a little softer.

I'm looking very wrong with some optimistic theories I had about Madoka, though I was right about...the thing everybody knew anyway. I am surprised at my capacity to watch something so grim and be so okay! Having lots of theories is a way of coping? If I watch it again I will fall apart? Is this appropriate for a series that makes me feel smart? It's a deconstruction! I don't always watch for Homulegs! Me am smart.

Today I write to chronicle the shit getting real re: idolm@ster 2. One of the twins claims to have a boyfriend. A rival record company is pressuring Takane into joining them, and it is implied that she had a not-really-consensual encounter with some kind of executive. The members of the player's unit are very unfriendly toward one another, except when they come together at concerts, and "so-and-so is being bullied" memes and screenshots abound. Today I saw ASCII art (guess where :|) of a framed picture of Haruka, and next to it was text not unlike the speech that would be read at a funeral to describe the deceased. Fanboys gather around their women and weep for not being allowed to be deflower their favorites for eternity. Also, Jupiter has a really dorky new song. I will admit that I am not deeply emotionally affected, but they are so obviously doing it wrong. Maybe it will get better as people get higher ranks and play through more? :/ That, uh, I wouldn't want people to have that opinion if I was selling this game, though.


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