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( Apr. 24th, 2011 08:57 pm)
I already had my suspicions in the last entry, but by the time I watched Madoka on Thursday I was pretty sure I was coming down with a cold. And look, I did! One with a low fever. So I had to spend some time feeling miserable before I could get back to the computer. Now I'm gonna make a WHOLE NEW ENTRY for Madoka!

So many spoilers )

I see people talking about underaged nudity and other fanservice in Madoka Magica and I remember how I felt about Nanoha. Fate and Nanoha were married only so that they could pose naked together in color pictures, their hairless skin gleaming everywhere, while their nipples touched and ribbons covered only the important parts. Ten years old. (This was not in anything that aired on TV, it was a picture in a novel I bought. The ad on the cover kept me from seeing a panty shot ;_;) It is not an easy shock. But they were transforming, fighting with weapons that clanked, working as powerful members of a SPACE ARMY, and having their capabilities ranked as statistics like characters in some GEEK THING. I think it's okay to look around the creepy stuff if your media has something you want. It's also okay to get mad that you have to compromise instead of getting spoonfed.

Next time I will do an entry on Atelier Rorona 8D

EDIT: tl;dr Madoka moar spoilers )


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