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( May. 14th, 2011 12:04 am)
THE BOUNCE, IT IS APPROACHING, heralded by a delivery from Japan. JFK decided that it did not have to hold books for ten days to scan for radiation. YAY.

Driven by an urge to own a certain video game and a certain figurine, I have decided that it is now okay for me to buy non-book items from JP Amazon. Ohhh yes. The floodgates are open. I spent a lot of money.

Part of my purchase was Final Promise Story. I, uh, might have decided I needed the preorder bonus (a day or two after the game came out!) because I saw pictures of what that bonus looked like. That's right, I can make impulse purchases based on decisions made by my girl stuff, too. I translated the text for a friend in AIM so now you all have to look at it too.

Probably NWS Text )

Not surprisingly, I haven't touched the actual game and I can't say anything for it. I hear it freezes a lot.

So, moving right along, this is the figurine: the Madoka Nendoroid. Because SHE IS CUTE. I have been wanting to start buying figures for a long time, Nendoroids seem like a really good solid figure, and I might as well start with Madoka Magica :| So freaking excited about my dolly. I showed my mom and she squealed and said, "You're getting a DOLL? That is SO GREAT! What about that cute bunny thing, when do we get that?" Haha, soon enough, mom.

I have many Re-Ment cakes for Madoka but no table for her to sit at. Relevant?? (need Mami Nendoroid w/ clear triangular coffee table nao)

Other stuff:
The rest of Erementar Gerad (finally)
Tears to Tiara PS3
Rurouni Kenshin Saisen
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's (giving me a total of four new games for my backlog \o/)
Atelier Rorona: The Complete Guide
Atelier Totori: The Complete Guide
Star Ocean 4 International Official Complete Guide
Tales of Graces F Complete Guide

I am lately very interested in game guides because they make me want to play games more.

There is actually more in the mail. what have I done


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