Boring thoughts on Diva Project 2nd:

Stuff I like:
Kokoro: bonus mode kicks in as the robot chants "thank you" DRAMATIC
VOiCE -DIVA MIX-: Also dramatic
The one with the moon about death

Stuff I wish would jump off a bridge and go AWAY:
Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki: *vomits saccharine*

I changed my mind about:
World is Mine: This is not a song about a powerful princess, it's about a girl begging to be noticed and then falling for a guy who has the very basics in human decency. She said she was going to give up cake and pudding---I AM ON A DIET, I CAN'T EVEN FUCKING STAND TO HEAR IT.

My favorite:
Tengajuu Arabesque, because it sounds 80s (especially when Meiko sings it in her red dress). This is the first song I ever played perfectly on extreme difficulty.

So we see here a preference for fantasy, and general indifference for that which is せつない. Is Hajimete no Koi~ even sad? Am I supposed to care about yet another stupid confused teenager? The song itself says that everything went down like a TV show. Yeah, so not only have I seen this before, I am old enough so that pining for teenage bullshit is nnnnot quite right. If you like a guy and it's awkward, just say that. If he left on a train, quit pouting and call him on his goddamn cell phone. And seriously, JUST SAY HATSUKOI!!! Ewwww.

I kind of don't get why Miku gets so much freaking attention. All of the other vocaloids have some little hint at personality, like "Kaito likes ice cream (so put your nendoroid in a haagen-dasz cup)" or "Ruka can also be an octopus". What I have on Miku that is mostly unique is "Miku sings songs like a girl in middle or high school." Um? Being robots, couldn't any Vocaloid wield a leek? Aren't they all kind of nuts about music and singing? Don't they all just sing what you put in their mouths? They are all silly, this I know.

And yet Miku is The One who gets a song about developing consciousness, singing too fast, and growing wings. And most of the costumes, too! ??? Dude, make someone else sing :|

I finished the Estelle novel (I really really pick at light novels) so I thought I would describe and summarize (mostly the original material). )


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