Without really knowing where I saw this bullshit, I'm getting pretty tired of people making really REALLY verbose and long statements about the stoic/family-oriented/nature-abiding spirit of various eastern Asian countries. It's like they're all a bunch of undergrads, and they just got into Asian studies, but nobody told them that Japan and central China are like Massachusetts and Nevada, only MORE different. And now that Japan had a disaster, it is definitely time for them to get tl;dr on some blog comments that I read.

I must also confess to some rage at having to read someone (not a person I know on LJ or DW or anything) talking about how they try not to take any pills, except during their period, when the pain is unbearable. Are you fucking kidding me? That must be so wonderful, to be healthy enough to tell the world that pills are bad and you're great for not needing any. Except during your period, when you actually ARE human and DO require medicine that is actually NOT EVIL.

And now for the much more cheerful story of Ruby and the Trout. )


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