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( Aug. 31st, 2011 03:23 pm)
Hai LJ ORZ After, like, a month, I am back with updates.


Now it's the END OF AUGUST, and autumn is coming CURSES. I don't really know what I spent this month playing. There was a little Angelique Etoile, there was some Star Ocean, and I downloaded a new game I need to talk about in a new entry. A smidgen of Tales of Vesperia was continued, too. I played a looooooooooooot of Incubator (and felt like a bad person).

I have a new computer. I got a nice one for cheap, and with free shipping. The whole thing is ginormous because it has a big HD screen. There's a BD drive, Windows 7, it's fast, and it ahhh. Plaaaayys Aion Online...I worry that I waited so long that it's nearing the end of its lifecycle 8| I feel like I should talk about Aion here but surely my opinions cannot be new or useful to anyone because TERA is going to replace it argh.

As everyone surely knows, Tales of Xillia fast approaches. Oh my god. *flaps hands* I'm expecting to start playing it a week after the release date because slow transfer service is slow (and criminally expensive). I'm going to buy food specifically for the purpose of disturbing gameplay as little as possible while I eat, LOL (<---first time ever) A case of calorie mate to stave off starvation! And I'll give like half to my fambly because they consider it to be good hiking food. Yeah, I guess there isn't much with less sodium.

I'm going to buy two copies again (yeah, how's that working for you with Meruru Robinnnnn), so if anyone wants to buy one off of me! I'm slow as hell! And it's probably going to get localized in the US anyway! And I don't even want to think about what Bamco could do a few months from now! ORZ

I saw that there was another set of Xillia trailers. I didn't really have the sound on with the story trailer, so I couldn't hear anything, and I decided it was too boring to translate. More correctly, I can't be bothered to deal with more foreshadowing and all the srs business unless it gives me LOTS of information about the game. The system trailer was good though! It starts with Jude being all, "Yep! We got some good equipment here! ^_^ chirpity chirp!" OH STOP BEING SO CUTE.

EDIT: I went back and watched the story trailer again, so more speculation. Nobody knows if these are spoilers yet )

Last week I read a factoid in a magazine: a study has shown that people tend to enjoy the plot more when they've been spoiled. Instead of rushing to the end to see what happened, they amble along finding even more interesting things. They know what to look for. This explains why I mostly wasn't emotionally affected by Madoka Magica until rewatching it ORZ And this has happened before! I was too busy shooting to the end trying to see if what I thought would happen was right. And I also tend to resent stories that try to act like more than just freakin' stories. ...maybe I should...spoil myself...but then I can never go back ahhhhhh X_X


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