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( Oct. 3rd, 2011 04:50 pm)
Mostly back to put this somewhere.

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If you're not a crazy preorder person and you don't already have Tales of Xillia, it's a very nice game and there is fun to be had playing it. The problem is that it still looks like one of the following will happen: 1. a "complete" version, 2. Tales is having their FFX-2 (except I hope the sequel has better music than FFX-2), 3. Namco is going to try and sell expansion packs through PSN.

I have an extra copy of Tales of Xillia! It has the code for the downloads and the plain Jude keychain. Can you give this a good home? Can you pay me $60 through paypal? If so, get my attention in the comments on this entry or through e-mail.


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