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( Dec. 30th, 2011 07:46 pm)
In Japan, when you're mourning a family member you can send out a card early saying that you don't want new year's cards. It's not REQUIRED---opinions vary, and some feel that after a loss is a perfectly appropriate time to celebrate life with family and friends---but generally, mourning takes precendence over celebration.

This poll, while admittedly really small (it's like a hundred people), shows that 76% of people who answered plan on not writing the traditional message congratulating everyone on the new year on their cards. When I first looked at it a couple hours ago it was more like 50% :| so I suppose there's room for it to change again.

The fact that this poll even comes up means that a lot of people out there least avoiding sending celebratory cards to one person they know, but probably more people. Because EARTHQUAKE TSUNAMI NUCLEAR DISASTER, TEN MONTHS AGO.


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