I can't even help myself! I rewatched Utena while I was waiting for Madoka :(

Cut for videos of duel songs from Utena and translations of selected lyrics.

Prehistory, perfection, isolated in the desert
Air, atom, principled destiny star

Yes, a child of the earth
A fetus of philosophy

The egg, complete, nesting and origin
Stamen, pistil, a single seed

Yes, the child of the earth
A child of philosophy

Lunar heavens, mercurial heavens, venusian heavens
Solar heavens, martian heavens, jovian heavens
Saturnian heavens, sidereal heavens, motive heavens

And even more circles, infinite and endless

One organic machine
One perpetual motion device

Ah, they are empty motions
They are empty motions

Last Evolution

My eternal self
The eternal stranger
Two relations
Two births
The scales of mystery
Human constellation

Time is a hypothesis, an illusionary prop
Just beginning to be born
Destiny, choice, goodbye-ism
You and I are the galaxy
Without past, only the present, without future
In the theater cosmic, but one

That's me! Wait! My last evolution

Missing Link

I never wanted to be born,
And yet I was born
My heart a
A plausible resource

That we die when we are born
That we vanish when we are born
And that we repeat it all
It is so very absurd

I will not connect
And yet I am connected (missing link, and yet I exist)

Look, my now vanished self (exists), singing (missing link)
Look, my now vanished self (exists), laughing (missing link)
Look, my now vanished self (exists), stupefied
Look, my now vanished self (exists), living (missing link)

I exist (missing link)
Exist here (missing link)
I exist!
Missing link missing link
Missing link missing link

I Am An Imaginary Living Being

Darkness incandescent, birth puppets
They are named, the golden rule

The world controlled by a single existence
All else is imaginary puppetry

Chanting, spell, mystery, prayer, myself
Stage, destiny, magic, mirror

Full moon, mystery phantasmagoria, I
Am an ending imaginary living being

Searching for time, an empty form
Living and living with no rest

Searching for land, no hands no legs
Existing and existing, transparent and formless, faintly sighing

No One Has Anything To Tell

I can become anyone
I can become anything
Only in the locked darkness of memory
Only in the momentary sparkle of imagination
Only in the darkness that waits for the light of "tomorrow"
In the theater

Born shining, we die shining
We are born and die
Born shining, die shining
Be born and die, my soul
Born shining, died shining
The first star of night, my star
Shine and die, firefly star

Transparent Period of Adolescence

Betrayed by wishes
Hope took its revenge on me
I'm sick of this age

I will run away
Everyone, go away
There's nothing I want any more

Straddling an unmanned sidecar
An imagined journey of three thousand leagues
Subway, freeway, airfield
I'm going! A grand hero, a blast of wind, a fugitive
At a hundred kilometers per hour

An Immortal Emperor in a Mundane Universe

Surviving: astonishing alchemy
Base metals, precious metals
From right to left, starting, ending
Destruction, the hunt, frenetic dance, the banquet

Born: invisible alchemy
An unnatural reconstruction machine
Transformation, variation
Tomes, anonymous, license, disgrace

Glittering reverie, flickering imagination
Parched vision, what will be will be conception
Whispering delusion, glancing thought
Fluttering invention, trembling supposition

Glittering origin, flickering solitude
Parched labyrinth, what will be will be space-time
Whispering flashback, glancing memory
Fluttering evaporation, trembling immortality

Rorona entry delayed because I'm finally getting somewhere with the true end. Also not sure there's anything to write about now.
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