Today I did a lot of shopping.

Things I learned that you should know:

If you preorder items from Animate, and the items come out on different days, they will be sent separately. Shipping is a flat 400 yen for everything, everywhere in Japan. I might be able to understand this if they were just running out of room to keep all the shit people order for, like, a week or something, but Animate is a big fat chain. They need to get a new fucking warehouse right now.

AmiAmi does not take credit cards (duh), but they do take Paypal. Imagine the song and dance of ordering stuff, entering a bank account number because you forgot your Paypal password, signing in and finding out you have a balance of six bucks, learning that you have to get your bank account verified and THEN add more money, freaking out because you won't be able to pay in time, and then finding out that AmiAmi won't ship your stuff for weeks anyway.

I AM A VERY BUSY PERSON---busy, not stupid!!!!11

EDIT: This should be easy for people who are smarter than me (everybody). Amiami will immediately cancel your order if your account looks like it belongs to a serial canceler. But if you're using a transfer service that collects your stuff at a certain address and then makes one big shipment overseas, you basically share an address with a bunch of other jerks who are probably canceling and stuff all the FREAKING time. So it doesn't work. And you will get a startling message in your e-mail telling you your order was canceled.

You can pay with a credit card at Sofmap, but they make you say how many payments you want to make. So, like, if you want to preorder one stupid video game, you have to tell them you just want to pay once because it's $70 helloooo? And then the only option is "next month," what does that mean? Does that mean they request money right when I order, when the game I preordered is in stock, or at the end of the month, five days after the game comes out? Wouldn't my bonuses die then? :( (I can't believe they wouldn't know how to do that.)

If you want to use Gust's official store, you have to register as a citizen of Salburg. Yeah, okay, that's actually cute! Oh, Gust. But I didn't have the mental space for that nonsense today. Also, their shop site looks old.

I had a nice dream about Winchesters today. Do not inquire within; there was a twist that made it grade A Weird and I'm not telling on my LJ. But I definitely had it.

EDIT: Do you want a copy of Atelier Meruru? I want to sell exactly one. It will be in Japanese and it will absolutely not reach you before at least a week after it comes out. It will include the drama CD you get for preordering, and possibly another toy I don't really want, like a CD with jazz remixes of Atelier music. Dang, they sell that separately, don't they? Also, no paperweight or charm, I didn't order fast enough.
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