Please forgive any typoes I made. I might have messed up names or left something out.

Narration: The humans clasp their wishes at their breasts, and look to the sky, hoping for them to come true.

Narration: In Liege Maxia, where spirits live with humans, this is how they live.

Narration: The wishes of the people are made reality by the spirits, and the lives of the spirits are defended by the wishes of the people.

Narration: As such, the master of spirits, Maxwell, must be the one that protects all.

Narration: In this world, there is no evil to threaten him.

Narration: If there is evil...perhaps it is the hearts of men.

Mira: Then it's's a Jin machine.

Jude: Kresnik Spear...Kresnik is the name of a sage from the time of creation.

Mira: They named it Kresnik. This must be human sarcasm.

Jude: Mira!

Ivar: Mistress Mira! Mistress Mira, I worried for you.

Mira: Oh, Ivar.

Mira: NACHTIGAL! I will put an end your ridiculous aspiration, here and now!

Nachtigal: With the Kresnik Spear's power, I will make a feast of A Zur.

Guy in blue: I can no longer follow the orders of a dictator king that toys with the lives of the people.

Alvin: You're starting a rebellion?

Jude: ...will there be a war?

Guy: You saw the technology. It is quite threatening that A Zur has the Booster.

Nachtigal: I don't care. Take the data back to Ir Fan immediately.

Guy: And those connected to the Kresnik Spear?

Nachtigal: Implement immediately.

Mira: Tell me now---why do you use Jin? Why do you go as far as to sacrifice your people to lust for more power than you need?

Nachtigal: I must have power to protect my country, my status, my will! The people will be the foundation.

Mira: Come! We shall destroy this THING, for it harms the humans and the spirits!

Jude: Mira, are you really the spirit Maxwell?


Leia: WAIT! Elise!

Mira: Alvin!

Alvin: They're not after you! I didn't know!

Sadist Girl: Oh no, you saw.

Jude: Who are you?

Sadist Girl: GOD, I love the way you look now.

Hammer guy: Why? There will be no rest with them.

Sexy Lady: I suppose you're attached to this girl, now.

Wingull: Apparently you requested an audience with the king. Tell us what you have to say.

Roen: He is A Zur's black Wing, Revolution Wingull.

A Zur: Maxwell. You have stolen the Key from the La Chgar laboratory. You will give it to me.

Mira: No.

Mira: Humans cannot control that thing. Humans cannot hope to retain their minds with the power to point the world to destruction before them.

Sexy Lady: Ha Mill has been invaded by the La Chgar army.

Roen: What---?

Sexy Lady: There are numerous casualties. And we have found numerous traces of what we think is the power of the great spirits.

Mira: How? I would have sensed it if the four great spirits had been set free. Could it be that the Kresnik Spear has done this? Has Nachtigal given birth to a new Key!?

A Zur: Inform every clan---we must prepare to declare war.

A Zur: I will not spare ANYONE who attacks my people!

Mira: I see now...this is what he meant...

Roen: Oh my, I long for a warm fireplace.

Leia: I myself long for nice warm stew.

Mira: You long, for stew? I am now painfully aware of what these words mean.

Jude: Mira, doesn't your stomach get cold?

Mira: I'b fide. ACHOO. OH MY, it's SNOT <3

Alvin: What a turbulent spirit master you are.

Mira: Iddeed! The hubad body truly refuzes to follow orders. *stomach growl*

Jude: How about we eat something now?


-it looks like Star Wars only way prettier
-that pod with the guy in it was totally and completely in Symphonia
-lots of technology and six characters = depressing Abyss atmosphere? :( I really hope not.
-the animation is beautiful. I love the details and the bright color in the backgrounds. Elise's scene is blanketed in harvest bounty.

Fun facts

-A teeny weeny bit of research reveals that the kanji for "Jin" are "black" and a little-known kanji for "box" (so little known that I can't actually get the IME to do it for me). Maxwell's Demon? It's turning out to be a great year for screwing thermodynamics with the human soul, huh? I'm assuming that's why Jin is 1. powerful and 2. a problem.

-Kresnik is a slavic god or a being associated with vampires, and I think considering the context the latter is more appropriate. Wikipedia says that a Kresnik is a shaman that fights vampires, but apparently at least one anime has decided to call this another kind of vampire. So I guess Kresnik's Spear a devastatingly powerful energy cannon that works by taking something essential from human beings, like a vampire.

Kresnik: Slavic duh
Nachtigal: German?
Ivar: Swedish?

Irfan: Arabic
Lachgar: Arabic?
Jude: Greek
Azur: Hebrew
Leia: Hebrew
Elise: Hebrew or Latin
Mathis: German
Mira: possibly Slavic
Gilbert: Spanish
Rolando: Spanish
Alvin: Old English
Rowen: Gaelic

There some words that sound like something else, like (La) Chagall, Matisse, Le Rond? If La Chgar has, like, green people on the roof of a house I will LAFF.


-Kresnik's Spear is the box in the Maxwell's Demon thought experiment, and the four great spirits are the demon. These spirits allow human life energy to flow into the Spear so that the Spear can blow things up. Really? So killing people to kill more people is reducing entropy? Yeah, okay, whatever.

-Nachtigal plans to use the Kresnik Spear by putting a bunch of helpless people in it and then blowing shit up. I guess entropy isn't important as "MWA HA HA ME AM POWERFUL GOD MAN WITH PHALLIC SWOOOOORD"

-You have to have a special key to be able to tell the spirits to do the box thing, and Nachtigal somehow has one, possibly from pooping it out. Ew, Naha :(

-From the names up there, I wonder if places in the game will be made to look like eastern Europe, the Middle East?


-Nachtigal takes control of the four spirits away from Mira with his key and she has to get them to go back with her. She does this instead of giving her key to someone who wants to stop Nachtigal by retaliating, or something. The party goes on a happy journey to recruit spirits but they still get screwed, and the cannon noms on lots of energy, including theirs. Then lots of things blow up, people die, parts of nature are destroyed, spirits are exploited and violated.

Mira is horrified and very sure it was her fault. She is screaming upset and possibly trying to injure herself. Jude will stop her and heal her and say, "don't hurt yourself, we like you, don't do it :<<< First Aid" and she'll be all like "D'OH I CANNOT FIGHT THE ':<<<<' I have no choice but to hang around with my friends ;_;" AND THEY'LL FEED HER DINNER AND PUT BLANKETS ON HER. YES YES JUDE BE NICE TO MIRA.

EDIT: これ兄弟? 

-black hair with a lot of small locks and slight curliness (more pronounced in one than the other)
-unusual eye colors (yellow and red)
-mostly black clothing
-but one has red and the other has blue, and those are complementing colors?

ジュードは見た目こそが地味だけど、王子様の設定があればものすごくかっこよくなる気が... 王族である事を知らないで、田舎村で育てられたけど、あまりお金持ちでないルロンドのみんなの重荷にならないように、医師になって人を助ける事を存在意義とする? それともわざと身をかくして、医師として王族もちゃんと民を助けられると証明する? んでジュードは熱い汗を流しながらア・ジュールとこぶし(と剣)で語る、じゃなくて、兄弟みたいなのが殺しあって嗚呼悲しいかなgdgdgdgd そして完全版はア・ジュールサイドとか。 DLCキャラに期待するけど。


EDIT: ア・ジュールをたいらげるって、ナハさん...
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