A rant for all: because a magazine I like actually published a big article on how SSRIs are no better than placebos and it made me so fucking mad.

I would be dead I would be dead I would be dead dead dead dead. If you wished SSRIs out of existence, you would be killing me and many, many other people who WOULD BE DEAD WITHOUT SSRIS.

SSRIs are what keep me from feeling so awful all the time that I want to die. Yes, I am totally telling you that I would kill myself without my meds and all the wonderful people who help me exist. Even if I didn't, you would still be responsible for making me feel so awful that it is completely and totally pathological. That's what depression makes people feel. It would be your fault that I would shut down and be unable to function.

Saying that drugs are bad and that people shouldn't take them is a display of privilege. You have had the pleasure of never being so indescribably sick that you had to take a drug. You are fairly innocent of the staggering amount of illness that has followed humanity around forever. You have avoided spending time learning about drugs instead of playing outside or whatever it is I don't do. You have never felt conflicted about giving money to something that you think might be evil.

There is no advantage, there is no justification, for depression. I did not sign up for this bullshit. I didn't bounce up and down and yell, ME ME, when someone said there would be fun fun drugs. I have to physically depend on those drugs forever, because Even though they are not so different from antibiotics, vaccines, caffeine/alcohol, painkillers, insulin, and whatever your mother took to survive when you emerged from her womb (don't even tell me it's not a big deal), I also get to have a bunch of ignorant, filthy WORMS telling me that I am wrong/bad/supporting a conspiracy/doubly sick/not allowed to have anything I want/actually stupid/meant to be miserable forever/better off dead.

When I watched Rayearth I couldn't fantasize about going to Cephiro and killing things with my own fucking personalized sword because I thought I would land up there without my pills. What the hell kind of teenagerhood is that?

*points to the horizon* OH LOOK A VACATION 8D (GOING TO RI BRB)
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