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( Mar. 11th, 2011 05:01 am)
Omigod Japan ._. omigod.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:10 pm)
Today I will post with impromptu translations made in AIM to heighten my own understanding! Augmented by someone's post where they wrote all this stuff down.

Everything here is a very very important spoiler )

EDIT: My translation is better >3>
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( Feb. 25th, 2011 10:26 pm)
I was so overwhelmed by tonight's episode of Supernatural that I actually, like, did an おーっほほほほっ laugh. Around the part where Jensen was on the soap opera. I ran out of ways to laugh. :| Holy shit. If you have a video of Naga, you will understand how this laugh sounds? I think I must have been a little softer.

I'm looking very wrong with some optimistic theories I had about Madoka, though I was right about...the thing everybody knew anyway. I am surprised at my capacity to watch something so grim and be so okay! Having lots of theories is a way of coping? If I watch it again I will fall apart? Is this appropriate for a series that makes me feel smart? It's a deconstruction! I don't always watch for Homulegs! Me am smart.

Today I write to chronicle the shit getting real re: idolm@ster 2. One of the twins claims to have a boyfriend. A rival record company is pressuring Takane into joining them, and it is implied that she had a not-really-consensual encounter with some kind of executive. The members of the player's unit are very unfriendly toward one another, except when they come together at concerts, and "so-and-so is being bullied" memes and screenshots abound. Today I saw ASCII art (guess where :|) of a framed picture of Haruka, and next to it was text not unlike the speech that would be read at a funeral to describe the deceased. Fanboys gather around their women and weep for not being allowed to be deflower their favorites for eternity. Also, Jupiter has a really dorky new song. I will admit that I am not deeply emotionally affected, but they are so obviously doing it wrong. Maybe it will get better as people get higher ranks and play through more? :/ That, uh, I wouldn't want people to have that opinion if I was selling this game, though.
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( Feb. 4th, 2011 07:51 am)

この前うわさ聞いたけどね、やっぱり本当だった。 あのグレイセスf翻訳のあれはもうやらないかな? って言うか私っていつも「翻訳はゲームを一度クリアしてから入る」、うわさを聞いたら「確認してから行動」、それでもしかしたらだめになっちゃった時は「もういっかなーロカライズするしめでたしめでたし」。 アイテムを訳すのはほんとはちょっと楽しみだったのにね! やっぱりなまけて終わり…そろそろヴェスペリアの方をたずねるか。 虫がいいね。 でもガイド買ったし役に立ちたいー。

Translation of Madoka Magica lyrics!! It's much easier to google for lyrics rather than writing down what I hear. Laboriously. )

I suppose I'll be back today. Virgins, Sam.
So. I might have spent the last month first being interested in Madoka Magica, then hearing the big news like every day on Hachima. And then finally, like, reading a wiki about it and watching that thing that happened in a video. I was fully prepared to continue avoiding Madoka Magica, but that was because nobody had told me they also made some really cool fighting sequences! Wow guys, cool.

I have a great therapist and I'm not as afraid to tell my friends what interests/disturbs me lately, so I suppose that I will overcome the inevitable trauma.

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( Jan. 31st, 2011 01:35 am)
This puts a whole new light to your supposed nice-ness.

I wanted to think you were better than that, Ally. That you had some SYMPATHY in you. But you proved me wrong. After 4th period was over, I left school. I have completely reconsidered any idea I had about you being a friend. You are obviously confused enough to think that YOU are the victim in this situation. GET REAL.

Sorry for saying anything. Sorry I didn't want to let you make me feel like shit anymore. Sorry I didn't want to let you try to make me into the perfect student anymore. Sorry I can't live up to your perfect ideals. And I'm *really* sorry I ever apologized...because it was wasted on you. Last time I checked...friends are better than that. Friends care about each other. And since you say yourself you want to care about me...that you all want to "care" about me...then how is that friendship?!

By the way, this bit about me being like Mike is literally the bitchiest, brattiest thing I've ever heard in my life. I know I get mad and get mean, but there are things you say and things you don't say. This is one of those things you DON'T say. Don't even think you're telling the truth. You're like Jekyll and Hyde---one minute you're a sweetheart, and then one thing doesn't go your way, and you have a fit. I'll talk shit about you whenever the fuck I want, you little cunt. I am definitely not the princess here. I am definitely not the person who needs to get over herself.

Ally, )

うぅーあー。 久しぶりに戻ったら私怨の嘔吐。 でも気持ちいい、はじめて気持ちのいい事が言えた。 この後も気持ちよかったりする予感。 なんだか前にもこんな事書いた気が…? 定期的に書かないと気がすまない? 上のはね、あの時言われた事を、色々言葉を変えて言い返そうと思った物だけど、結局「迷惑」だと思ってやめた。 下のは今思った事。 いかにものう。


Yup, it happened, idolm@ster will be an anime now. Nothing about Jupiter yet, but they'd have to be out of their minds to bring that up now. I guess this means my thing is going to get more exposure in the west? Who knows, maybe the anime'll even get licensed someday. If it did (and it had boys), I wouldn't be surprised to see tons of female fans in the US.

新しい一年の報告よりアイマスの報告、うんうん。 I guess it's okay if I just update my journal when I have news?

Resolutions and things

-Cut down on Hachima (she said, linking them in that very entry). No reading the comments, ever. I don't think I can keep a resolution where I only read idolm@ster/Tales news but maybe I can try to avoid articles that are just trolling for arguments about consoles.

-Lose ten pounds. That's it. I hope it will happen by the middle of March.

-Plan a trip to Japan, pick advanced destinations, like farmhouses and Nagano, and don't back down when making them unless they just cost too much. Stop freaking out about Japanese people. They've seen uglier, fatter, weirder, hairier American anime fans than you.

-Get over anxiety when shopping online.

More talking, spoilers for Tales of Graces )

EDIT: When I read this I make a sound like this: うへーっへーっへーっへーっ, うへーっへっへっへー, PS3だって、新アイドル三人だって! うへっへー しかも情報元がこんなにおいしいもの! 関係者が電車でしゃべって! 女のファンに油断して! でへへー、超幸せー、 よくやったマイ・シスター♥ 大事件になっててもいい...と考えてたらいけない?だめ?

-I made the best genoise I have ever made for the christmas cake, which was a strawberry shortcake after all. I made two fairly thin cakes that I cut into three layers---yes, my cake had three layers. But then I didn't have enough whipped cream to decorate the top as much as I would have liked, so I suppose I'm going to be doing this again. This time it has to be fruit that's in season. The strawberries were all bruised somewhere, some were rotten and some were weird and dry inside. I cut off the weird parts but the ones in the last piece of cake still weren't quite right after 2 days in the fridge. I wonder if roasted chestnuts would work? And candied chestnuts, of course.

-Tales of Graces has made me want karuta, though it's going to have to be the Tales version they're making soon because I'm not exactly experienced with old poetry. While researching karuta I learned about hanafuda and have been happily enjoying a koi koi flash game ever since. When you get 50 points, you get a little ending screen, and then you can play the "other side" where you can see your opponent's cards and the card that comes up next. The CPU is MEAN AND RAPEY, as in if you're not paying attention a little bit you can LOSE BY LIKE 20 POINTS. Why doesn't the computer lose when I get 20 points, huuuuuh? *keeps playing*

-I got a bunch of books from JP amazon and they are suuuuuuuuuuper. Christmas is fuuuuuuuuun. Mmmmmm, possessions.

-After the last entry I survived to the end of the event and had a merry christmas for it. I have a headgear that drops candy canes and rare buche de noel cakes, a ring that drops cookie bags, cards that drop gift boxes and blue boxes, and pretty soon the set that drops purple boxes. The cookie ring especially was a lucky break because I kind of blew a lot of money trying to get it. I don't like to think about how annoying I would have been on Christmas if I hadn't had it.

-Tales of Graces was part of my Christmas. I'm in Strata right now. It's a fine game. It has a lot of yarikomi stuff, and not all of it is the kind I care to pursue (typical Mutsumi game?). Very mild spoilers---description of a character's personality, vague descriptions of actions )

-If one reads Hachima frequently, one may find themselves growing tired of the fighting over which console is the winner, or how Japan has silly Galapagos technology (biased hint: get rid of region locks), or claims that fangirls are just as likely to fantasize about putting their penises in any human who looks under 14 as some especially devoted XBOX360 believers. One may start to think that if one has to read some stuff in Japanese, one might as well read a novel or a comic book. Unless it's about the next Tales game.
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( Dec. 16th, 2010 04:37 am)

Mira: A spirit is...dead.

Mira: Perhaps this is a human's power after all. I must make sure.

Narration: Man holds a wish to his heart, looks up to the sky and hopes that it comes true.

Narration: In Friese Maxia, where man and spirits exist, this is how everyone lives.

Narration: Man's wishes become reality with the spirits, and the spirits are protected by man's wishes.

Narration: And thus, the master of spirits, Maxwell, is capable of being the protector of all that exists.

Narration: In this world, there is no evil to threaten that order. But if there was...perhaps it would be in the hearts of men.

Jute: Can I protect the spirits and the people, too?

Thoughts )

Possible spoilers )
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( Nov. 27th, 2010 08:31 pm)
Strawberry shortcake was introduced to Japan in the Taisho era, but nobody knows who exactly introduced it. It may have been Kadokura Kuniteru (the guy who started a big bakery called Colombin) adapting a French cake to Japan, or Fujiya (another bakery that is still mighty popular today) borrowing the strawberry shortcake eaten in the US. At some point (Fujiya claims they did it), the biscuits in an American shortcake were switched for genoise or sponge cake, supposedly because Japanese people liked soft desserts better. At the time, Japan was extremely interested in the west, and western cake carried a certain image of glamour and luxury, but they had too few refrigerators and too much war until 1955, when it really took off.

Strawberry shortcake is everywhere in Japan. Pretty much every cafe and bakery will sell you some kind of shortcake. If you ask Japanese people to think of cake, many, many of them will think of strawberry shortcake first. Fujiya and Colombin are both famous bakeries, and Fujiya's mascot Peko is just EVERYWHERE. Cake made with sponge cake, red berries, and whipped cream has appeared in all sorts of media, including a certain game series. You know which one I mean.

Strawberry shortcake is easy on the eyes, as far as I'm concerned. It's red strawberries on white whipped cream---I had four cakes planned for Christmas and they were all blown away after I looked at a few little pictures of strawberry shortcake. No, I don't need pistachios or pudding cake. I. Need. Shortcake.

Quick notes for my own consumption
-syrup was good
-vanilla was really awesome
-do the hot water thing next time

This recipe is a work in progress. )

Is it okay if I have Speedy Cat stuck in my head? (今さら) How about if I think it's a perfect match for the new remix of idolm@ster? No?
In Japanese to protect my relatives a little )

I made strawberry shortcake and it was really, really terrific. Details soon.

Also, we have a fuckton of turkey but I'll be honest---I really only care to eat it once on Thanksgiving. The leftovers are killing me now. In a moment of weakness, I might have fantasized about burning it, or heaving it out of the fridge and off the porch with a pitchfork. Hey, it's okay, the bears are hibernating! put the cranberry sauce out there too, it's leaking
I stumbled across the discussions of Japanese men whose wives are not stellar cooks. I don't think I fall into this category but if I had a lot less money to spend on food, a lot less space, a lot fewer utensils and a lot more pressure, it could go anywhere. Anywhere. Feminism rears its ugly head, man. Here's a bunch of adults who are childishly dependent on another human being for food, who believe they are entitled to have someone cook average to above-average food for them every day (sometimes more than three meals a day, and that's a fuckton if you've ever tried). Here's a bunch of adults who carry the responsibility for the health of another human being who doesn't do the same for them, who feel patronized when someone tells them to do it this way or that way.

Also, that guy complaining about exploded croquettes he didn't even have to eat is a troll, I swear to god. Prick.

I wrote most of this entry about mabo curry two days ago, but I didn't post it until now because I felt embarrassed at my blathering about game food.

A fine history of making up pretend food )

Directions on how to make the mabo curry I made, COMPLETE WITH FUCKUPS 8D )

I dunno, man, my dad lapped it up, but it just tasted kind of salty and spicy to me. It wasn't sharp like mabo OR easy like curry. Generic salty spicy stuff. Maybe I need to make roux from scratch. Or shut up and put an apple in there? Less tian mian jiang more curry?

Coincidentally, I googled マーボーカレー to do some research for this entry and discovered that they're selling instant mabo curry in December to celebrate Tales of Graces f. House Foods already makes a Mabo Curry, so the Tales one will be "Special Mabo Curry," have boxes with characters on them and probably come with a prize. That's right, you watch me try to get either one of these on Rakuten. I'm gonna do this. (When I can make perfectly good food myself. I'm going to try to steal their recipe.)
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( Nov. 10th, 2010 11:51 pm)
My favorite food ever is croquettes.

In the US croquettes tend to be made of meat. Deep-fried crab cakes are pretty much croquettes. I've also had some croquettes made of poultry in diners. In Japan they do fill croquettes with a little meat, but the first Japanese croquettes I had were made primarily out of mashed potatoes that were breaded with panko, and deep fried. (I'm told this happens in some parts of Europe, too.) Another popular variation is white sauce, like that stuff on fettucine alfredo without the cheese-y tang, bewitched into semisolid form, and also breaded and fried.

I can say with certainty that it's like cheesy fries x100. It is crispier, gooier, creamier, softer, greasier, fattier, and better for killing yourself, oh yeah and you eat them with white rice! To give you an idea of how I space this out, I believe it's been years since I last had croquettes at home. (I might have had some from a store last summer.) At least with meat croquettes you get protein. Cut for croquette recipe )
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( Nov. 5th, 2010 03:28 am)
So I understand I'm a little late to the party on this one (like, years late), but I think I really agree with people who say Tear Grants is...not very good. She comes across as not very smart and downright mean. (Cut for spoilers for Tales of the Abyss) I'm reading one of the Tales of the Abyss novels and for the first time I have considered tearing pages out of a book I own, I am so angry at the tone and how Tear is treating Luke. )

As someone who at least likes 11/12 idols in idolm@ster, adores the cast of Sailormoon, loves the Magic Knights, and worships Ellen Ripley (to name a few) I am MORE than entitled to hate a female character. I am qualified. I know what I'm freaking talking about.

But I think I should calm down and look at tea sets.
Last week was characterized by malaise. I'm back now! The causes of said malaise are said to be bleeding (and the usual preparations for bleeding) combined with catching a cold. I also pulled a muscle in my back while handling books BOOKS BOOKS and the cold was a special one that gave me muscle pains, so I had to spend a day or two grunting and avoiding moving at all setting it off.

I ordered some things from Japan and they took about two weeks longer to arrive than I anticipated. (This is because I only really factored in the amount of time it takes for the forwarding service to teleport my goodies to my side of the world. Said forwarding service took several days all by itself getting my stuff ready to go.) This also produced a lot of MALAISE because this shipment had my new favorite game of the year, Pro Action Replay EZ. this not a game? Yeah, anyway, I was never able to use one when I was disk swapping, then they stopped making them probably even before I got a Japanese PS2 (why?) and I never realized I could just buy one from Rakuten. Yeah. I'm still working on how I'll get doujinshi from them because what if it counts as わいせつなもの? ロイエドとか十分わいせつなのでは…

games blather )

Rayearth, man! Rayearth is awesome! Everybody go look it up, because it's the magical girl genre married to RPGs, swords and magic, and GIANT ROBOTS in a way that offends no one who sees it. And everybody who saw it before, REMEMBER HOW AWESOME IT IS.

Thoughts on Supernatural: it is wrong to say that we love it when Dean cries. We like it when Dean expresses his feelings, particularly while staring into a sunset that lights his tears of utmost purity, not when he breaks down and cries because (highlight for spoilers) his rather serious girlfriend told him she didn't need him and meant it. We do not like it when he spends like the entire episode drinking because his brother (more spoilers) lacks a soul. Waste. Of. Time. Stop making my imaginary boyfriend depressed.

EDIT: I also don't like it when Castiel looks weary and is tough and serious. I know he was sick last season but I miss the Cas that said, "The voice says I'm running out of minutes."

But he didn't sparkle.

I understand that I am beginning a cold and I'm already upset with the idea of having to survive 6 more days of wiping my nose every 5 minutes (and wanting to die if I don't, and probably having angry ears no matter what I do). But. This was a hard episode. :( Short spoilers )
I saw the flowchart of female characters days ago, but I didn't see the metafandom posts about it until now. Let me just say that I am tremendously relieved. No, you can't say Usagi is an Adorable Klutz or Ripley is the Final Girl without fandom complaining. You can't say that they're not strong female characters. You can't put Usagi in a little box where she hasn't saved the world a million times by ACTUAL FIGHTING, and then make fun of her for not being a strong character. What the fuck? Who did that? Did Naoko Takeuchi do that, by making Tsukino Usagi the owner of power that could both blow up an entire planet and keep everyone she loves safe? Did the animators do that, when they had her talk countless villains into changing sides and making the world a better place? No.


*echo* >:E

You put them in BOXES and then you LAUGHED! For shame.

Hey guys, if I'm on a diet and I need to eat takeout, what am I going to get? Sushi! But what if I am also concerned about the population of bluefin tuna and would rather not eat sushi containing such fishies in the name of maybe being able to eat it in the future? :/ Like 80% of the sushi sets I see have tuna somewhere. I am oooookay with ordering yellowtail, salmon, mackerel, eel etc. a la carte but that is way more expensive than the generic chirashi set that always has a piece of tuna somewhere. I ended up just eating inexpensive sushi with salmon and eel. (Farm salmon's not that good for the environment either :/)
Okay, let's have an SPN entry because I want an excuse to haul out my Hokuto icon again.

This was an unsatistfying episode! I enjoyed the funny parts, but they were separated with stuff that made me go, "look, I have a new vocab word from Nicodou, it's gdgd!" The BEST part was the "more profound bond". Oh, guys, for real? (’・ω・‘) So cute.

Oh, right, I remember what I was originally going to post about!

Atelier Lina

is not a bad game at all, just there's nobody to tell you that you don't get extra points for synthesizing lots of items at once, or trying hard items. Nope. It is now totally reasonable to get the FINAL CAULDRON by just making distilled waters one at a time, over and over again. I read the wiki a lot and I didn't really get this until fairly recently.

I lost my old save file and there was nothing of consequence on it anyway, so I started playing again and getting all the endings. One of them looks like this. SPOILERS (it's an ending picture :|) I accept that that particular character as butler makes no sense, but who cares? Lina has a hottie on each arm and 5 million cole JUST TO START WITH. Fffff awesome. This game is worthy of being in the Atelier series and I recommend it to all of us who like making items and playing female main characters!