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( Mar. 30th, 2009 08:11 pm)
It's gonna be okay guys!

I made a cake! )

Also listened to a lot of loud music and considered the transience of the human world like a superficial teenager.

EDIT: The official sponge cake recipe is here.

The amounts used in this recipe are like this:
3 eggs (jumbo OK)
90g flour (sifted)
90g sugar
30g butter (melt in the microwave, let it cool a little if you can)

You can use the same ingredients with this recipe, but add the butter after the flour is 90% combined. Break its fall into the batter with the spatula you use for mixing. The butter in the Japanese version makes it taste softer and sweeter, but I often make this recipe and just skip the butter and that's FINE.

Once you have the cake you can just take off a slice, put on a dab of cream, and get on a couple of berries (doesn't have to be strawberries) and it'll look really great anyway.

Detailed instructions for decoration/descriptions of what I did )

I started out forgetting the syrup one is supposed to paint onto the middle layers, but now I kind of just like it that way.

THE END. Post pictures if you make it >:D


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