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No. This is Teachers Day. Let's talk about how we support better compensation and support for teachers so that teaching won't just be a shit job that takes the runoff from other, more profitable professions. That means higher salaries, administration that isn't supremely retarded, and taxpayers who aren't just pretending they don't hate their children.

This is in fact a subject that kind of makes me mad but I'm annoyed about some other things, too. >:|

I'll make an entry about my new laptop later.

P.S. As far as I understand, when they teach the really complicated formulas in algebra/geometry/calculus, not even the teachers think most of the students will use that stuff in real life (barring specialized professions). It's there to make students' brains develop abstract thinking and problem solving skills. Also, paired with science it really can result in more scientists on your side in the war against communism.


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