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( Jul. 10th, 2006 12:49 pm)
I changed my mind on Jinki Extend. I needed it, badly. Compared to Fullmetal Alchemist, which I also happen to be in the middle of reading, it's happier---but then again, a LOT of things don't lay it on as thick. Right. It's full of girls, they fight, and they win. It's also full of rape, nudity, and an annoying avatar for the male reader, but it's all good. It's the art. I think the pictures of the girls are ideal and it's how I want to be able to draw. So Robin likes Jinki EXTEND.

So I've been doing some translations lately.

Roy Mustang Photo Book/Wily Tactics (Meteorite) (Yes sex, HavoRoy)
Raw Scanlated Just the translation

Zenryaku (Daen) (No sex)
Raw Scanlated Just the translation

I am Respectfully Your Dog (T-Rex) (Yes sex, EdRoy)
Raw Scanlated Just the translation

Note: You have to be on peoples' friends lists to see the pictures. [ profile] velvet_mace may put up her scanlation on fm_a, so watch for it there if she hasn't already.

There's another translator at central library. They're the anonymous one. I only noticed because they're doing Daen doujinshi, which *I* wanted to do. Well, I thought, they can't be as GOOD as me, can they? I downloaded their scanlations and took a look.

Well, I don't know who they are, but their translations sound better than mine. OTL They skip over some things, but then everything sounds really great and smooth and I am FILLED WITH ENVY. I wish I knew who they were! I wish I could talk to them! I wish I could ask how they do it, or say, stop translating Daen stuff! But I actually almost want to see them do it because it all sounded so good OTL I am filled with comflicting feelings on this matter.

So now I have a rival, I think (=_=) (Am I even good enough to have this rival? They're just so GOOD!)


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