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( Sep. 19th, 2005 09:18 pm)
Is so fucking awesome.

Yang: There's just too much hybridization there for me to be comfortable.

EDIT:! Yields many hysterical things, which is not surprising because I think I've heard of this company before. "Battle Raper" sort of sums it up. No, that's not some word they made up without knowing what it means in English. It's just...I mean, it's all in 3-D, and there's camera angles, and customize your own boobies...I've never seen so much care and money and time spent on titillation. For men. It's mind-boggling that they haven't gotten around to a make-your-own shachou or some terrible samurai sex fighting game for girls. It's just a travesty.

While I'm talking about awful Japanese porn, [ profile] vanitas_mundi, could you please tell me what these "shitting dicknipples" are all about?


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