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( Oct. 15th, 2005 11:25 pm)

?!!?!?!??? CLOUD! Why weren't you THERE for that?! You DICK! Robin's affection for Cloud -1000 points. (...out of 29,475,893.) Nine out of ten fangirls agree, Final Fantasy 7 is is about the most fun you can have with Cloud'syour pants on.

Oh, I knew there was something I was forgetting! That's right, UPDATING WITH MORE PICTURES TO BE FAYMUSS. Also, reading my neglected flist. No. No, actually, FF7 is totally more important. Rufus needs me. He needs me to scream, 社長~~!!!! out of a window in Junon as he goes by! RUFUSSS I LUFFF YOUUUUU.

The real reason I am so frustrated is that I got a lot of sleep last night---like six hours, this is a lot---and today I got up planning to just have a nap when I started getting tired again. 2 hours maybe, so it would be a nice 8 hours all around.

I slept for like 6 hours. (′Д') A SIX HOUR nap?! HELP. I can't get anything done because every time I try to nap I sleep away the day! (And I nap I must.) Arg, I have an installment of Better Living to read, too, and it's going to be really long...and there's hot secks in it but it's going to have something traumatizing at the end sob sob. That'll keep me up until like 2! I don't have time for this! I'm trying to make myself diurnal! T________T

Oh, yes, I saw Fever Pitch. No wonder Lindsay liked it, what with the names and all.


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