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( Dec. 16th, 2005 11:02 pm)
I'm so excited about Tales of the Abyss I'm trying to hibernate in front of the computer. Or...maybe it's like meditation. I'm calling out to the little package coming from Japan. Can you hear me? Also, I check up USPS site a lot, it makes things get here faster. I also helped check some translations, put pen on some pictures, slept a lot, made mont blancs, got a bunch of clothes from Old Navy, and got a nice fanservicey Hagaren pencil board. But no LJ.

I finished reading volume 5 of PMK and, um, excuse me, that was not a good place to stop! At all! I need more of that keeeyuuuuuute "friendship" with Shinpachi and whatsisface. And Hijikata, you MINX. HAW HAW. Also, what's this stuff that's under the dustcover on, um, I think it was volume 4? I can more or less read it, but is it worth it?


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