So, livejournal.

Maybe three weeks ago my parents and I booked our flight to Japan. Our tickets are for April 2 and April 23. We booked hotels. I examined all manner of things, like trains, how to ship my books home, what clothes I would take. My plans for what bakeries I would visit solidified. I felt very busy indeed.

I feel like I am in a bad dream. (Yeah, I've noticed I'm being really dramatic.)

My problem is that this disaster just won't end. I was just going to call everything off indefinitely if there was a meltdown in Fukushima. Now they're saying things about partial meltdown that will be contained. I really don't know what to do with that. What I really want is the all clear signal. Is it over yet? Will Japan recover? How long after the aftershocks stop will it be okay to visit? Is this a cluster of earthquakes and disasters? Will there be another earthquake soon? Is Japan about to fall into the abyss? Am I even welcome? I know I'll be spending money in their economy, but do they really care to have an extra human life on the island, for pleasure, not business, right now? How about in three weeks?

At one point I was planning on being in the country right now.
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