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( Dec. 30th, 2011 07:46 pm)
In Japan, when you're mourning a family member you can send out a card early saying that you don't want new year's cards. It's not REQUIRED---opinions vary, and some feel that after a loss is a perfectly appropriate time to celebrate life with family and friends---but generally, mourning takes precendence over celebration.

This poll, while admittedly really small (it's like a hundred people), shows that 76% of people who answered plan on not writing the traditional message congratulating everyone on the new year on their cards. When I first looked at it a couple hours ago it was more like 50% :| so I suppose there's room for it to change again.

The fact that this poll even comes up means that a lot of people out there least avoiding sending celebratory cards to one person they know, but probably more people. Because EARTHQUAKE TSUNAMI NUCLEAR DISASTER, TEN MONTHS AGO.
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( Dec. 25th, 2011 08:55 pm)
It came down to a choice between lavender and pink for my DW and I decided: pink is more obnoxious 8D
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( Oct. 3rd, 2011 04:50 pm)
Mostly back to put this somewhere.

progress )

If you're not a crazy preorder person and you don't already have Tales of Xillia, it's a very nice game and there is fun to be had playing it. The problem is that it still looks like one of the following will happen: 1. a "complete" version, 2. Tales is having their FFX-2 (except I hope the sequel has better music than FFX-2), 3. Namco is going to try and sell expansion packs through PSN.

I have an extra copy of Tales of Xillia! It has the code for the downloads and the plain Jude keychain. Can you give this a good home? Can you pay me $60 through paypal? If so, get my attention in the comments on this entry or through e-mail.
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( Aug. 31st, 2011 03:23 pm)
Hai LJ ORZ After, like, a month, I am back with updates.


Now it's the END OF AUGUST, and autumn is coming CURSES. I don't really know what I spent this month playing. There was a little Angelique Etoile, there was some Star Ocean, and I downloaded a new game I need to talk about in a new entry. A smidgen of Tales of Vesperia was continued, too. I played a looooooooooooot of Incubator (and felt like a bad person).

I have a new computer. I got a nice one for cheap, and with free shipping. The whole thing is ginormous because it has a big HD screen. There's a BD drive, Windows 7, it's fast, and it ahhh. Plaaaayys Aion Online...I worry that I waited so long that it's nearing the end of its lifecycle 8| I feel like I should talk about Aion here but surely my opinions cannot be new or useful to anyone because TERA is going to replace it argh.

As everyone surely knows, Tales of Xillia fast approaches. Oh my god. *flaps hands* I'm expecting to start playing it a week after the release date because slow transfer service is slow (and criminally expensive). I'm going to buy food specifically for the purpose of disturbing gameplay as little as possible while I eat, LOL (<---first time ever) A case of calorie mate to stave off starvation! And I'll give like half to my fambly because they consider it to be good hiking food. Yeah, I guess there isn't much with less sodium.

I'm going to buy two copies again (yeah, how's that working for you with Meruru Robinnnnn), so if anyone wants to buy one off of me! I'm slow as hell! And it's probably going to get localized in the US anyway! And I don't even want to think about what Bamco could do a few months from now! ORZ

I saw that there was another set of Xillia trailers. I didn't really have the sound on with the story trailer, so I couldn't hear anything, and I decided it was too boring to translate. More correctly, I can't be bothered to deal with more foreshadowing and all the srs business unless it gives me LOTS of information about the game. The system trailer was good though! It starts with Jude being all, "Yep! We got some good equipment here! ^_^ chirpity chirp!" OH STOP BEING SO CUTE.

EDIT: I went back and watched the story trailer again, so more speculation. Nobody knows if these are spoilers yet )

Last week I read a factoid in a magazine: a study has shown that people tend to enjoy the plot more when they've been spoiled. Instead of rushing to the end to see what happened, they amble along finding even more interesting things. They know what to look for. This explains why I mostly wasn't emotionally affected by Madoka Magica until rewatching it ORZ And this has happened before! I was too busy shooting to the end trying to see if what I thought would happen was right. And I also tend to resent stories that try to act like more than just freakin' stories. ...maybe I should...spoil myself...but then I can never go back ahhhhhh X_X
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( Jul. 23rd, 2011 05:54 am)
A rant for all: because a magazine I like actually published a big article on how SSRIs are no better than placebos and it made me so fucking mad.

I would be dead without SSRIs. )

When I watched Rayearth I couldn't fantasize about going to Cephiro and killing things with my own fucking personalized sword because I thought I would land up there without my pills. What the hell kind of teenagerhood is that?

*points to the horizon* OH LOOK A VACATION 8D (GOING TO RI BRB)




万虹の姿 千律の声 光となりて 中二病な文章

idolm@ster 2 for the PS3
on October 27



Also, spoiler news about Supernatural )

AND NOW, TO PARTY ALL NIGHT, because I slept during the day, GEEK STYLE with a can of pepsi and maybe a gluten-free cookie. (Don't worry everyone, I'm still just sensitive to eggs, and the cookies are for a visiting relative)
Without really knowing where I saw this bullshit, I'm getting pretty tired of people making really REALLY verbose and long statements about the stoic/family-oriented/nature-abiding spirit of various eastern Asian countries. It's like they're all a bunch of undergrads, and they just got into Asian studies, but nobody told them that Japan and central China are like Massachusetts and Nevada, only MORE different. And now that Japan had a disaster, it is definitely time for them to get tl;dr on some blog comments that I read.

I must also confess to some rage at having to read someone (not a person I know on LJ or DW or anything) talking about how they try not to take any pills, except during their period, when the pain is unbearable. Are you fucking kidding me? That must be so wonderful, to be healthy enough to tell the world that pills are bad and you're great for not needing any. Except during your period, when you actually ARE human and DO require medicine that is actually NOT EVIL.

And now for the much more cheerful story of Ruby and the Trout. )
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( Jun. 23rd, 2011 07:37 am)
Spoilers for Atelier Meruru: event illustration )

Okay Gust, you are pretty cool, but I wish you'd just make that otome game into a real item-making RPG.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2011 08:43 am)
I was reading before I started school and I spent years and years reading books as a way to pass time in school. I still love the way books feel when you hold them, turn the pages, scratch the coated paper ahhh, and smell them mmf. Then I was forced to switch to drawing pictures (because I guess you're not supposed to read all the time in class? weird), and then I discovered video games. Both of these require input and participation. You get to exert control over what you do and think. You change something that is physically outside of yourself, and you can go back later and look at it.

Reading is about like watching TV: something made by someone else runs by you and you don't get to do jack shit about it. At least when I watch TV, I can look away and just listen while using my free hands to do something undemanding (cleaning, sorting laundry, putting food in my face).

Don't be a jerk and say that people who don't like reading have no imagination/bad attention spans. I think that when you say that, it makes you look like someone who is old, obsolete, and really interested in their bowels. You're claiming that people who read are mentally and morally superior because of all the imagining and character building. That is really strange.

Assigning values to neutral things like...pretty much anything, but how about moving around? Eating? Obtaining information? Sharing information? has been proven to make people stop doing all that stuff, EVEN IF YOU LIKE THEM. If you live in a first-world country, at some point you have probably avoided sports, art, reading, staying thin, or all of the above because of this. At the very moment that I write this, I don't really want to do three out of four of these things because something out there is telling me that they are good and I should do them.

Part 2: Associations with various media learned from other people )

This rant happened because I have a ton of books I want to read and a huge video game backlog. I'm frustrated because I can't possibly deal with it all in the way I would like to deal with it (I think of something else to do before I'm "done" with one), and I googled "books are boring" and found a lot of assholes making claims about imagination. I also ran across a Japanese 2ch thread discussing the best place to read, and discovered that everyone was much much more beautiful and interesting than me. (Like anyone reads lying next to a river. Do you know what bugs are?)

Re: idolm@ster SP. Finally, three years after the game came out, I have obtained the (not really) distinguished title of True Idolm@ster. It would have happened sooner but I missed Iori and forgot until I replayed her story mode. Nice, big, clean cutoff point.
Boring thoughts on Diva Project 2nd:

Stuff I like:
Kokoro: bonus mode kicks in as the robot chants "thank you" DRAMATIC
VOiCE -DIVA MIX-: Also dramatic
The one with the moon about death

Stuff I wish would jump off a bridge and go AWAY:
Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki: *vomits saccharine*

I changed my mind about:
World is Mine: This is not a song about a powerful princess, it's about a girl begging to be noticed and then falling for a guy who has the very basics in human decency. She said she was going to give up cake and pudding---I AM ON A DIET, I CAN'T EVEN FUCKING STAND TO HEAR IT.

My favorite:
Tengajuu Arabesque, because it sounds 80s (especially when Meiko sings it in her red dress). This is the first song I ever played perfectly on extreme difficulty.

So we see here a preference for fantasy, and general indifference for that which is せつない. Is Hajimete no Koi~ even sad? Am I supposed to care about yet another stupid confused teenager? The song itself says that everything went down like a TV show. Yeah, so not only have I seen this before, I am old enough so that pining for teenage bullshit is nnnnot quite right. If you like a guy and it's awkward, just say that. If he left on a train, quit pouting and call him on his goddamn cell phone. And seriously, JUST SAY HATSUKOI!!! Ewwww.

I kind of don't get why Miku gets so much freaking attention. All of the other vocaloids have some little hint at personality, like "Kaito likes ice cream (so put your nendoroid in a haagen-dasz cup)" or "Ruka can also be an octopus". What I have on Miku that is mostly unique is "Miku sings songs like a girl in middle or high school." Um? Being robots, couldn't any Vocaloid wield a leek? Aren't they all kind of nuts about music and singing? Don't they all just sing what you put in their mouths? They are all silly, this I know.

And yet Miku is The One who gets a song about developing consciousness, singing too fast, and growing wings. And most of the costumes, too! ??? Dude, make someone else sing :|

I finished the Estelle novel (I really really pick at light novels) so I thought I would describe and summarize (mostly the original material). )
Today I did a lot of shopping.

Things I learned that you should know:

If you preorder items from Animate, and the items come out on different days, they will be sent separately. Shipping is a flat 400 yen for everything, everywhere in Japan. I might be able to understand this if they were just running out of room to keep all the shit people order for, like, a week or something, but Animate is a big fat chain. They need to get a new fucking warehouse right now.

AmiAmi does not take credit cards (duh), but they do take Paypal. Imagine the song and dance of ordering stuff, entering a bank account number because you forgot your Paypal password, signing in and finding out you have a balance of six bucks, learning that you have to get your bank account verified and THEN add more money, freaking out because you won't be able to pay in time, and then finding out that AmiAmi won't ship your stuff for weeks anyway.

I AM A VERY BUSY PERSON---busy, not stupid!!!!11

EDIT: This should be easy for people who are smarter than me (everybody). Amiami will immediately cancel your order if your account looks like it belongs to a serial canceler. But if you're using a transfer service that collects your stuff at a certain address and then makes one big shipment overseas, you basically share an address with a bunch of other jerks who are probably canceling and stuff all the FREAKING time. So it doesn't work. And you will get a startling message in your e-mail telling you your order was canceled.

You can pay with a credit card at Sofmap, but they make you say how many payments you want to make. So, like, if you want to preorder one stupid video game, you have to tell them you just want to pay once because it's $70 helloooo? And then the only option is "next month," what does that mean? Does that mean they request money right when I order, when the game I preordered is in stock, or at the end of the month, five days after the game comes out? Wouldn't my bonuses die then? :( (I can't believe they wouldn't know how to do that.)

If you want to use Gust's official store, you have to register as a citizen of Salburg. Yeah, okay, that's actually cute! Oh, Gust. But I didn't have the mental space for that nonsense today. Also, their shop site looks old.

I had a nice dream about Winchesters today. Do not inquire within; there was a twist that made it grade A Weird and I'm not telling on my LJ. But I definitely had it.

EDIT: Do you want a copy of Atelier Meruru? I want to sell exactly one. It will be in Japanese and it will absolutely not reach you before at least a week after it comes out. It will include the drama CD you get for preordering, and possibly another toy I don't really want, like a CD with jazz remixes of Atelier music. Dang, they sell that separately, don't they? Also, no paperweight or charm, I didn't order fast enough.
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( May. 14th, 2011 12:04 am)
THE BOUNCE, IT IS APPROACHING, heralded by a delivery from Japan. JFK decided that it did not have to hold books for ten days to scan for radiation. YAY.

Driven by an urge to own a certain video game and a certain figurine, I have decided that it is now okay for me to buy non-book items from JP Amazon. Ohhh yes. The floodgates are open. I spent a lot of money.

Part of my purchase was Final Promise Story. I, uh, might have decided I needed the preorder bonus (a day or two after the game came out!) because I saw pictures of what that bonus looked like. That's right, I can make impulse purchases based on decisions made by my girl stuff, too. I translated the text for a friend in AIM so now you all have to look at it too.

Probably NWS Text )

Not surprisingly, I haven't touched the actual game and I can't say anything for it. I hear it freezes a lot.

So, moving right along, this is the figurine: the Madoka Nendoroid. Because SHE IS CUTE. I have been wanting to start buying figures for a long time, Nendoroids seem like a really good solid figure, and I might as well start with Madoka Magica :| So freaking excited about my dolly. I showed my mom and she squealed and said, "You're getting a DOLL? That is SO GREAT! What about that cute bunny thing, when do we get that?" Haha, soon enough, mom.

I have many Re-Ment cakes for Madoka but no table for her to sit at. Relevant?? (need Mami Nendoroid w/ clear triangular coffee table nao)

Other stuff:
The rest of Erementar Gerad (finally)
Tears to Tiara PS3
Rurouni Kenshin Saisen
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's (giving me a total of four new games for my backlog \o/)
Atelier Rorona: The Complete Guide
Atelier Totori: The Complete Guide
Star Ocean 4 International Official Complete Guide
Tales of Graces F Complete Guide

I am lately very interested in game guides because they make me want to play games more.

There is actually more in the mail. what have I done
I can't even help myself! I rewatched Utena while I was waiting for Madoka :(

Cut for videos of duel songs from Utena and translations of selected lyrics.

因果律星 そう土地の子受胎 / 更なる円環無限に果て無き 一つの有機的な機関 一つの永久運動装置 )

Rorona entry delayed because I'm finally getting somewhere with the true end. Also not sure there's anything to write about now.
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( Apr. 24th, 2011 08:57 pm)
I already had my suspicions in the last entry, but by the time I watched Madoka on Thursday I was pretty sure I was coming down with a cold. And look, I did! One with a low fever. So I had to spend some time feeling miserable before I could get back to the computer. Now I'm gonna make a WHOLE NEW ENTRY for Madoka!

So many spoilers )

I see people talking about underaged nudity and other fanservice in Madoka Magica and I remember how I felt about Nanoha. Fate and Nanoha were married only so that they could pose naked together in color pictures, their hairless skin gleaming everywhere, while their nipples touched and ribbons covered only the important parts. Ten years old. (This was not in anything that aired on TV, it was a picture in a novel I bought. The ad on the cover kept me from seeing a panty shot ;_;) It is not an easy shock. But they were transforming, fighting with weapons that clanked, working as powerful members of a SPACE ARMY, and having their capabilities ranked as statistics like characters in some GEEK THING. I think it's okay to look around the creepy stuff if your media has something you want. It's also okay to get mad that you have to compromise instead of getting spoonfed.

Next time I will do an entry on Atelier Rorona 8D

EDIT: tl;dr Madoka moar spoilers )
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( Apr. 21st, 2011 03:48 pm)
IT'S DOWNLOADING SO I NEED DISTRACTION. BUT IT MIGHT GO REAL FAST AT THIS RATE. Also, I have a sore throat. I guess I had to have a cold eventually.

Shortly after watching Madoka Magica 10, I looked at many an article about the destruction in Japan with the scary slow version of Kyuubey's song playing in my head. Yeah. I was up alone at night a lot with little to distract me. When they decided not to show Madoka the week after, yes, I missed having something to take my mind off of Japan. That, and I wanted someone to put me out of my misery re: WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN ON THIS SHOW OMG.

Well, time for one tiny moment of closure 8D

I'll post spoilers under a cut here! Also, I want to make another entry about video games soon.
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( Mar. 19th, 2011 12:22 pm)
So I can't believe that it's already been about a year since I made a list of the games in my backlog. Let's look at my progress!

Games I played to my satisfaction have been crossed out. )

If I had to give my favorite this year, it would be Harvest Moon Futago no Mura. This is a solid, beautiful, fun game. Grow tea, raise flowers, make pickles. It was fun as hell and just writing about it now makes me want to play some more. Everybody should play it.

I do recommend it over Tales of Graces f. Graces was an extremely diverting game, but it has that terrible history. And I thought the dialogue this time was embarassingly bad.
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( Mar. 16th, 2011 08:24 am)
We're not going to Japan this spring. I asked myself what I really want and I thought, "I WANT TO STAY HOOOOME T_T"

The tickets are still valid for a year and I'll get there sooner or later, so I'm not extremely upset. I think I might really truly just be too busy with keeping up with Japan to think about a vacation. But I'm not too busy to engage in some retail therapy! Suddenly it is very important to me that I have a. a variety of Japanese snacks and Western cookies and b. a case for everything in my pocketbook with chirimen patterns. Yes. Rakuten will provide. But when my mom heard that gift sets of kanpan (prettified hardtack) were selling out she said I shouldn't buy food. Man, I dunno, we're giving a couple hundred dollars to a charity.

I try to think that I was prevented from going by a gigantic natural disaster, not my own cowardice. (/_\)

EDIT: I mourn the sakura desserts the most, though I suppose at this rate not too many people are going to have those anyway.
So, livejournal.

Maybe three weeks ago my parents and I booked our flight to Japan. Our tickets are for April 2 and April 23. We booked hotels. I examined all manner of things, like trains, how to ship my books home, what clothes I would take. My plans for what bakeries I would visit solidified. I felt very busy indeed.

I feel like I am in a bad dream. (Yeah, I've noticed I'm being really dramatic.)

My problem is that this disaster just won't end. I was just going to call everything off indefinitely if there was a meltdown in Fukushima. Now they're saying things about partial meltdown that will be contained. I really don't know what to do with that. What I really want is the all clear signal. Is it over yet? Will Japan recover? How long after the aftershocks stop will it be okay to visit? Is this a cluster of earthquakes and disasters? Will there be another earthquake soon? Is Japan about to fall into the abyss? Am I even welcome? I know I'll be spending money in their economy, but do they really care to have an extra human life on the island, for pleasure, not business, right now? How about in three weeks?

At one point I was planning on being in the country right now.