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([personal profile] cuddlefish Mar. 16th, 2011 08:24 am)
We're not going to Japan this spring. I asked myself what I really want and I thought, "I WANT TO STAY HOOOOME T_T"

The tickets are still valid for a year and I'll get there sooner or later, so I'm not extremely upset. I think I might really truly just be too busy with keeping up with Japan to think about a vacation. But I'm not too busy to engage in some retail therapy! Suddenly it is very important to me that I have a. a variety of Japanese snacks and Western cookies and b. a case for everything in my pocketbook with chirimen patterns. Yes. Rakuten will provide. But when my mom heard that gift sets of kanpan (prettified hardtack) were selling out she said I shouldn't buy food. Man, I dunno, we're giving a couple hundred dollars to a charity.

I try to think that I was prevented from going by a gigantic natural disaster, not my own cowardice. (/_\)

EDIT: I mourn the sakura desserts the most, though I suppose at this rate not too many people are going to have those anyway.
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