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Oboy, LJ's servers are in California so I can answer this with delicious horror stories.

"Wal-Mart worker dies after crowd rushes store"
This is the first one I heard about.

"2 gunmen kill each other in shootout at Toys 'R' Us in Palm Desert"
This one isn't as confirmed as the first. BUT IT MAKES FOR A GOOD STORY.

I guess if I had to pick one reason for it going so fantastically bad this year, it would be the economy, but that was just the spark. The tinder has been building for years.

Just when I was really appreciating my country's choice in president! This is shameful in the extreme. It's not worth it for taking the US's financial temperature. It's not worth it for getting a cheaper TV or getting all the Christmas shopping done. It's not worth it for the poor fucking clerks who have been trampled every time for years. I think this is a nice starting point for government control of the economy. Ban this shit---make a law about distribution of discounts and sales, and renew systems that would protect employees.


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