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([personal profile] cuddlefish May. 14th, 2011 12:04 am)
THE BOUNCE, IT IS APPROACHING, heralded by a delivery from Japan. JFK decided that it did not have to hold books for ten days to scan for radiation. YAY.

Driven by an urge to own a certain video game and a certain figurine, I have decided that it is now okay for me to buy non-book items from JP Amazon. Ohhh yes. The floodgates are open. I spent a lot of money.

Part of my purchase was Final Promise Story. I, uh, might have decided I needed the preorder bonus (a day or two after the game came out!) because I saw pictures of what that bonus looked like. That's right, I can make impulse purchases based on decisions made by my girl stuff, too. I translated the text for a friend in AIM so now you all have to look at it too.

When Performing the Last Promise (1)
When you form your bond with a partner of the opposite gender who is the same age as you, and of excellent appearance and form, you must steal her kiss as a noble gentleman would, and imagine that your physical bodies are joining.

When Performing the Last Promise (2)
When you form a bond with a partner who is a younger member of the opposite sex, and of a smaller frame than you, provide them with a sense of physical support by allowing them to sit on top of you. Always remember your responsibility to care for your partner's body.

When Performing the Last Promise (3)
If your partner is of the same gender, many of the same methods apply. The joining of minds heightens magic power, and the oneness of physical bodies is the key to activating the magical circle. Only decide who will take the lead after careful consideration.

Not surprisingly, I haven't touched the actual game and I can't say anything for it. I hear it freezes a lot.

So, moving right along, this is the figurine: the Madoka Nendoroid. Because SHE IS CUTE. I have been wanting to start buying figures for a long time, Nendoroids seem like a really good solid figure, and I might as well start with Madoka Magica :| So freaking excited about my dolly. I showed my mom and she squealed and said, "You're getting a DOLL? That is SO GREAT! What about that cute bunny thing, when do we get that?" Haha, soon enough, mom.

I have many Re-Ment cakes for Madoka but no table for her to sit at. Relevant?? (need Mami Nendoroid w/ clear triangular coffee table nao)

Other stuff:
The rest of Erementar Gerad (finally)
Tears to Tiara PS3
Rurouni Kenshin Saisen
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's (giving me a total of four new games for my backlog \o/)
Atelier Rorona: The Complete Guide
Atelier Totori: The Complete Guide
Star Ocean 4 International Official Complete Guide
Tales of Graces F Complete Guide

I am lately very interested in game guides because they make me want to play games more.

There is actually more in the mail. what have I done
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