OKAY, Himeya, you can send my Tales of Rebirth now. Seeing as I ordered it two days ago (getting to be more like three...did they run out or something?). Oh, I am so offended. No, I'm not impatient. NO.

I should calm down. There's another snow storm (we seem to get them once a week, timed to coincide with my shrink appointment) and it's making that pretty light that I like. I should go look at that. And meditate. And curl up under six blankets.

So I had a shrink appointment around BU today, so Mom drove me out there and we both checked out their section of books on Japanese. I got a book of idioms (WHEE WOW I ALMOST PEED MYSELF) and mom got a book to teach her basic crappy Japanese. Then we went on to the office and I remembered that my therapist is actually out of town and we had no appointment. So we went home, and we had new books. WIN. (Kind of.)

Now I have this problem. I'm really liking my new books these days. Or certain other ones, like this Rayearth scenario thing, or my Tales of novelizations, or my Rokutousei Spica tankoubon, or even my JLPT study books. They're just so...wonderful. They're the perfect shape and size and the paper is nice and they have THINGS in them. They're my toys. My problem is, I want to hug them like stuffed animals, or put them in a big big bag and carry them all over hell and creation (now that would be enough exercise to help me lose weight...). I think I'd sleep with one or three in bed if I thought I wouldn't roll over on them and ruin them. Their poor delicate pages! Is this bibliophilia, or do I just need a life? (Some other books I don't really care about. I like the contents of my Japanese Myths book, but not the book itself. I use Cats in Love for a stepping stone through the mess in my room.)

I can't say I'm worried, but I'm getting kind of tired of thinking, oh, I wish this or that book wasn't all the way in the next ROOM because I miss it so! (Maybe I'm lazy.)

EDIT: By the way, today I like Ed more than Roy. (It switches.)


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