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( Feb. 11th, 2005 07:43 pm)
Trudy, did you get my text message? Say some stuff? (Or not, if that's what suits you. Lala.)

Today I got my birfday picture from [ profile] jedera, and the entry is locked, so I can't really show it here, but it was great. I promise. (Maybe I'll put it in Photobucket if somebody wants to see it. Ask me. It's Roy and Ed.) I want to kidnap her and Roy and Ed and run away to Las Vegas and get married all together.

Yang taught me the history of Middle Earth with, like, trees, and elves, and these three energy crystals that people had fits over, just like the ginzuishou. I bet they had to steal them from people to get them, too. Then he sent me a quiz to see which Love Hina girl I am. He seemed happy.

I got a bunch of paper and doilies and things and today I made...valentines. Well, some are still in progress. I kind of do a little bit at a time. I'm having a very nice time, and I'm not eating chocolate, either, know. Is a goal of mine. If I have enough, friends and fambly will get one,'m actually considering making valentines for Roy and Ed.

...*crickets chirping*

Okay, fine, I'm NOT considering it. I'll just make chocolate in their names and eat it instead >_> Maybe I should take it to FM_A and see if anybody isn't too bitter to jump on the bandwagon with me. Then I'd be one of the cool kids. (Nothing wrong with being bitter about lurve, especially the expectation to lurve on Valentine's Day, but chocolate. And pink frilly shit. Gosh. That gets me excited.)

(I'm also considering making a picture for a fanfic from house of smex. Haha, well, if I feel like drawing five people...)


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