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( Feb. 21st, 2005 04:34 pm)
Okay! 2000 GRADE! Let's go Yuris! WOOHOO!

Except I can't find the place where I stick the thing in and make the doors open! WHEE! T_T

EDIT: I did it! )

Tytree is shown shirtless, which reminds me of something I want to talk about. The tendency for certain male characters to start preaching and bossing people around seems to be linked to them being good-lookin'. This means that I think no matter how "hot-blooded" or irritating CERTAIN MALE CHARACTERS are, they get a lot, lot better when their clothes come off. This is an inverse...thing. The fewer clothes, the more I like the (annoying) guy. Take Lloyd Irving, for example. When he starts carrying on and telling people what to do, he annoys me. But if you take off his clothes, I'm much happier because this is Lloyd we're talking about, here. He keeps in shape.

In short, I need more naked Tytree and Lloyd (and possibly Veigue). Together

EDIT: See, now if a guy said that about a girl, I'd shred his manparts. So I'm a little embarrassed. But I'm RIGHT! Us girls think it, too!

EDIT: You know what's been driving me nuts for a long time?

Is there a real recipe for Mabo Curry out there, or is it just your average mabo tofu mixed with your average curry? Is it passable if both are made from a box, or do I have to make one or more from scratch? (I'm not messing around with curry made from scratch, I like my MSG.)


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