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( Mar. 11th, 2005 09:17 pm)
Sasuke asked for the Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1, and I went and downloaded it. NOW he wants Windows XP Home Edition CD whatever. Sasuke. You are being DEMANDING.

I'm starting to really miss being able to read and write things in Japanese without having to switch to the laptop. I wish there wasn't a whole weekend in between now and the next chance mom gets to ask the geeks at her school what's going on. I wish those little peckers could have just installed it. What do you mean, you want the East Asian stuff? What are you, nuts? You speak ChiNESE or something?!

Today I succumbed to the evils of AIM and bought a baby harp seal "superbuddy" icon for a dollar. It makes little faces and sometimes squeaks, depending on what I type in my messages. I could never love a little thing spying on my conversations more than this one.

Saiyuki's licensed, isn't it? Is there any way I could still find raw episodes out there? I'm going to be watching them that way, anyway, so I might as well get 'em for free.

Coming up sometime: My first art dump in so long.

EDIT: Four girls, one ex-shota, and one mushroom )

I now have exactly 333 pictures in my photobucket account.

EDIT: OH. I forgot. Three pictures that came out crummy and have to be rescanned next.

EDIT: Three more! )


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