Oh, man, more fangirling. Did Ed just jump-start his arm? Like a truck...made out of flesh? Oh, Ed. There he goes, running around...he's got a gun...Envy's after him...now he's angsting... Ed...please be safe. >< (乙女モード全開 (´∇‘) But man...I feel fear for Ed's death getting a niiiiiiiice steady grip on me again. Weeep.

I am also worried about Yang (you know, in a different, geniune, real-people way). He was acting particularly loopy today and I felt bad about going off for my nap. Yang, are you okay?

I think it's safe to say that the amount of chocolate I got for Easter was 1 metric fuckton. NEENER!!! >:D

EDIT: *looking at last entry* バッカじゃないの?! 自分! 人のLJ見て誤解してあんなに騒ぎ出して! (‘□’)ノ ぐう~!


If you were a character in Fullmetal Alchemist (for girls)!
Name / Username
your name would be Mary
you would be 12 years old
your outfit pink jacket and a short skirt with a teeshirt on
your boyfriend Roy Mustang
alchemy element light
alchemy rank alchemist
This fun quiz by darkscrystal - Taken 71 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary Sue.

EDIT: I was too busy laughing to notice, but, 12 years old. He really is a pedophile!!! >D

EDIT: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >:D (found the Japanese Strap-ya site again)


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