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( Apr. 19th, 2005 09:36 am)
Jesus! I was so busy running around with L2 I forgot about Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime. And now I can't find the third episode. IT'S MY FAULT! *runs away sobbing* REIN-SAMA FAIN-SAMA I'M SO SORRYYYYYYyyyy

This deserves pimping.

EDIT: I've managed to get all my Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne together and I'm rereading it. Anger, ULTRA spoilers )

I feel like I've been on the warpath about this before, but it still makes me mad. He's such an asshole to her.
AHAHAHA EG ANIME MAKES ME MAD. =_________= It just...looks funny. It's cheap and Ren's facial expression NEVER CHANGES. And what did they DO to Cisqa's radar? It's friggin'...UGLY! It's ORANGE and the WINGS WHY WHY WHY? WHY DO YOU DO THIS SHIT? I would have totally spent $50 on a toy that looked like the old one, but now they'll never have my money because they're JUST SO STUPID!

I am very worried about the pace at which things are being covered. They're already at the end of tankoubon 1 by the end of episode 3. They're rushing it. That's right, hurry up and get rid of all that CRAP in the manga that's getting in our way! We have to dick around with stuff RIGHT NOW! We're ANIMATORS and we do what we want! BUWAHAHAHAHA. <--------I laugh a lot when I'm mad, these days...

To summarize, I will have to watch the next episode, and maybe the next episode after it, and maybe a few more, until my hope is broken and I seriously consider writing hate mail to the director. And I will TOTALLY continue complaining about it. It'll be FUN! :D

(Does it really matter that much? =_=)


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