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( May. 9th, 2005 09:28 pm)
If I could be on a Star Wars kick, I think this would be it. The old-time flavored Jedi strike me as sexist, and since I'm just not a very good feminist, this inspires a lot of, um, frustration. Like, oh, my god, I hate you so much, give me your celibacy. Harutoki and its dreamy samurai men are NOT HELPING, either.

I read a scary fanfic. How can I read Blue Flame and MANY other potentially traumatizing things for years and then feel disturbed by this? Then again, RoyEd fucking doesn't really make me worry for Ed's wellbeing as much as...oh, god, five days? Ed. ED. Ow. P.S., on the off chance the author of that fic is reading this, I'm sorry for putting up a link to your work and complaining about it in public. I'm sucking quite a bit here.

PK has gotten bad in L2 with the raised rates. People (groups of people) kill passersby because they say there's nothing better to do, and then there's the ones who seem to have made characters specifically for killing people and getting away with it. I've realized PvP with permission could be the noble and fun endeavor its fans want it to be, and nobody ever bothers. It can't compare to rape, but the perpetrators seem to share a way of thinking. I've had a lot of money at my disposal, so I took more screenshots. The Black Crystal armor didn't have hearts on the toes of the boots, but it did have a little kitty on the back. This stuff hasn't really let me down yet.

I have two people on my flist who just turned 18, possibly on the same day, or one day after the other. Naturally, I am too lazy to check, but happy pornyear to you two. 19 will be much more boring >:D (...what am I trying to say, anyway? =_= Oh yes, um, enjoy yourselves.)

EDIT: SO. Server wipe. All the rates are high except for money. Well, when money drops, there's a lot, but that hardly ever happens. So, yes, one Dark Elf at level 17 with no money at all. I'm afraid they're doing it to encourage people to donate, which...would be really disappointing. Here's hoping they get around to either fixing it or saying straight out that they want my money, instead of being all coy and why don't you donate?

Said Dark Elf is also what made me want to quit for the night. I had the priveledge of seeing her shining bare ass EVERYWHERE SHE WENT while getting her to level 17 (not a very lofty number). Without any money, all she has to wear is this thong of hers. The end was really when I discovered that her chest jiggles when she runs. Back and forth.

Hold me.


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