The happy ending you get if you find all the Holy Beast shugosei and let them make you into a Holy Angel. Ange turns into the navigator of the cutest starship ever. And yes, the bunny is saluting.

The happy but not very trumphant ending you get if you find all the Holy Beast shugosei but insist on going home. Ange turns back into a SOME FARM GIRL.

I had forgotten that Clavis stuff can be utterly, utterly cute. Still don't care too much about him, though.

Oh, boy, I get to say it. I think Julious is really fucking bland. Espresso, horseriding, chess, and frowning. Yeah, whatever, go bang Clavis or something.

Duh. Oh, my god, I didn't pay attention to any of the stuff Timka said. I would describe him as a very capable young man. Running around with Mel and Marcel, he also kind of fits into the shota category.

My god, what is it about Mel? It's not just that he looks like a girl, I could probably handle that. It's just...he's a baby! Half of his answers are about food, or, or BUNNIES or fortunetelling or, hugging him, you can hug him while you recruit him and he LIKES THAT. I found this baffling. It's not bad, but it's something I would look for in a friend, not in a romantic...partner...omigod, did I just say that about a guy in Angelique? =_= (I DID. The hell with it.)

OMAKE: 例のアレ

「でもオマエ、足腰強いよ。 うん、いい母ちゃんになれそうだ。」


OMIGOD. I KNEW IT. OLIVIE IS AN ALIEN. (Haha. *is savagely beaten by Olivie fans*)

I'll get the other picture up when I'm done laughing at my own crude joke.

EDIT: Changed my mind, I'm gonna go to bed and read Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru. I read a page this morning but I am unsure how I feel about this book right now because what I read offended me. Yes, that's right, feminist tantrum RIGHT OFF THE BAT. Get over it, me.


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