Okay, well then last night I had a dream I was hanging out with the Hachiyou, and that was okay because they were being very nice to me. Eisen was fighting this guy who used pretty rainbow papers to come after him, and he beat him just by getting the paper wet. And then he brought me back a whole suitcase full of rainbowy paper shuriken flowers, um thanks Eisen! ^^* But I loved it.

Then some more bad guys came back to get the suitcase, and we didn't want to give it up, so there was FUAITO. I spent a lot of time running around swinging the suitcase and trying not to get beaten up, but the Hachiyou were all covering meeee yaaay I knew they were good for something! So I got chased around for a while, it was getting tight, and then I noticed Auron was working for the bad guys. I thought, well, damn, now I want to get caught. =_= I woke up, the end. (NUUU I WANTED TO GET CAUGHT BY AURON!!!!!!)

Coincidentally, in gamefaqs.com's character battle today (you know, that yucky one that I won't bother with anymore) Auron is losing to Ganondorf (which I originally typoed as "Ganondork"). I am fucking outraged, but then again I guess it's my fault for deciding who I think should win by who I want to have sex with more. Sure, Ganondorf is stronger and an older character. Whatever.

Has anybody else seen that video clip of Vic saying things in the Ed voice? My first reaction after "yay" and "I should have been there" is surprise at how much they're yelling "YAOI!" in that clip. Yes, that's what they're yelling. They're yelling it a lot.

Kids these days. They say "yaoi" too much, and they don't even say it right. You're supposed to hide it like your shameful secret love and keep it safe from the world. Don't scream it at Kugimiya Rie, you're scaring the fuck out of her and now she's going to make fun of us in interviews. And Vic, that'll just give him bright ideas and that's too easy. What is going on in that man's head I'll never know. I liked it better when we scraped for evidence and whispered amongst ourselves. (Olive, no smart remarks, thanks >:D) ...in fact, I think I liked it better when anime in general was just a big secret society that nobody cared about, because I like keeping secrets about what I'm doing and feeling smarter than everybody.

Today I'm really wanting food that I don't really need or want normally.


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