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( Aug. 24th, 2005 10:41 pm)
Wahh. I'm lonely and I'm probably getting Tales of Legendia after everybody else. *sniffles*

I haven't done any worth noting today except eat some donuts and pringles, and I haven't had either one of those in a while. (Potato chips unaccompanied by real food make me sick fast.)

And ah, yes, the Sims, which I think I might have promised myself I wouldn't play anymore. Oops. But see, I never got a chance to play with Tetsu Bucket's Ed and Al kitty skins. Now Ed-kitty can sit and watch TV with Roy, or, with the help of a certain hacked food bowl har har, play a little. Teeny. Kitty. Piano. Maybe screenshots are in order, of that and the Naruto kids.

Another one of my favorite Sims sites is gone and it's so crummy because people don't even notice they're gone. What do you want with The Sims, Robin? Sims 2!


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