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( Sep. 5th, 2005 02:19 am)
I made cream puffs! The puffs didn't rise at all. Well, puff pastry, you know. And the custard is gummy. But it tastes right! It all tastes right. It tastes good. I tried to take a picture before, and while I was eating my model I discovered I hadn't saved the picture. D'oh. Now I'm kind of wondering what I'll do because I put the whipped cream in the freezer, and it got all frozen, and it would look funny in a picture, and we're all out of cream so I can't make any more...AND MY MODELS ARE SLOWLY BEING EATEN MWAHAHAHA.

And I finished Tales of Legendia! Just a few things, probably spoilers )

I killed a The Bug! I saw it running brazenly across the carpet in the TV room here. It, scary-fast. That's what caught my eye. It was also big. I grabbed a shoe (mom's >:D) and luckily it ran straight onto the flat plastic thing the computer sits on, so I hit it with the shoe. Really hard. I was scared. Then let go of the shoe and let it stay on the bug because having my hand out there was just too close, and sat there staring for about 30 seconds.

Until my moment of shock and relief was interrupted by a gurgling sound, a little like my stomach growling or the teeniest fart ever, only high pitched. I leaned down to bring my ear closer to the shoe.

Oh yes. It was coming from the bug.

Well, not like I wouldn't gurgle a little if someone squished me with their giant shoe...yes...


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