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( Sep. 24th, 2005 02:25 pm)
I didn't even REALIZE Himeya rejected my credit card for whatever reason until a day or so after I said that I was buying it and I wondered where my confirmation e-mail was. Haha. I'm very smart. And then I realized I was also trying to buy the expensive, old, Japanese version. I might deserve a smack upside the head for this. So Himeya didn't have the new cheap version, and I ended up at National Console Support. My game came YESTERDAY. They totally win the prize for fast and cheap shipping. Oh, and for actually having the game I was looking for! ...out of all TWO places I've ordered import video games. :P Still gotta get the H-games from Himeya, though, don't I. Unless I download them, and then everybody is ha---oh, maybe not the people who want my money... So I'm gonna play Tales of Legendia until I can't stand it anymore and then run away with Atelier Iris. I should buy clothes or something next month to give myself time to play with my GAMMMESSSSS EEE.

There are too many spiders and eeny weeny mosquito babies in my house lately. Saw another The Bug, too.


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