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( Nov. 9th, 2005 07:39 pm)
Pfft. Me, ignore my flist for a MMORPG? Of course not! I'd have to be some crazy addict to act like that!

...there are things I want to comment on, too. Please don't think I'm too goofy if I comment on something in your LJ that's like 3 days old and you don't care anymore.

This entry is mostly about my dad.

Look what he inherited from Grandpa. (FMA joke. Or you could just be happy he got a watch.)

At the end of another thing where some family members get together and mill around together, but it's not a party:

Robin: *hugging people goodbye like she has been hugging people goodbye or hello ALL DAY*
Dad: *like right in front of me* Goodbye, Robin.
Robin: Oh, *gives him a "nice" hug* bye...
Robin: ...
Robin: You---you made me hug you---I forgot!
Dad: *probably didn't even think I was going for it* XD


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