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( Nov. 23rd, 2005 02:17 am)
After rewatching many episodes of Sailormoon, I have decided that Ami and Makoto can be called nothing other than totally totally gay for each other. There's just tons of flirting and hanging out and supporting each other in battles. There's even an episode where they dance. They dance WELL. However, my favorite piece of "evidence" is when Ami first meets Makoto. Makoto stops to give Luna some scritches under her chin, and Ami looks at Makoto and blushes. Like, WHY?! WHY BLUSHING?! lskdjga;oirhtoiqebn.

I actually calculated the total scores on the JLPT 1 practice test I took part of like months ago and just finished. I got an 81% and I now I'm thinking maybe I would have to be reaaaaally insane to study two hours a day for something I'm already likely to pass by like 10%. I'm also thinking, New York City is going to be really fun and I can't wait to go eeeee I'm gonna eat so much great food! Eeeeee! *_* Eeeee!


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