So. I might have spent the last month first being interested in Madoka Magica, then hearing the big news like every day on Hachima. And then finally, like, reading a wiki about it and watching that thing that happened in a video. I was fully prepared to continue avoiding Madoka Magica, but that was because nobody had told me they also made some really cool fighting sequences! Wow guys, cool.

I have a great therapist and I'm not as afraid to tell my friends what interests/disturbs me lately, so I suppose that I will overcome the inevitable trauma.

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( Feb. 4th, 2011 07:51 am)

この前うわさ聞いたけどね、やっぱり本当だった。 あのグレイセスf翻訳のあれはもうやらないかな? って言うか私っていつも「翻訳はゲームを一度クリアしてから入る」、うわさを聞いたら「確認してから行動」、それでもしかしたらだめになっちゃった時は「もういっかなーロカライズするしめでたしめでたし」。 アイテムを訳すのはほんとはちょっと楽しみだったのにね! やっぱりなまけて終わり…そろそろヴェスペリアの方をたずねるか。 虫がいいね。 でもガイド買ったし役に立ちたいー。

Translation of Madoka Magica lyrics!! It's much easier to google for lyrics rather than writing down what I hear. Laboriously. )

I suppose I'll be back today. Virgins, Sam.


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