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( Jan. 24th, 2005 07:24 pm)
Attempted the extra dungeon in ToP. They've added a boss fight with Mithos, Yuan, and Kratos all at once and I got slaughtered. But it was fun!

I've already seen the ending and it's got a color picture of Zelos with sunglasses and, apparently, no shirt. Then it shows him in his purple speedo and bling in a place that looks like the tower of salvation. What the fuck? What kind of dirty bum wants to see him betray the party in the a speedo? ...besides me? Also, it's got Kratos looking indecisive (yay) and Presea being all like... :D (she looks odd.) I really, really want this art in a book or something. (That, and maybe some pictures of the magic circles used in this game, because they're pritty.)

Now I'm going to decide whether I want to go back through the extra dungeon or not. I didn't go shopping for items before, so I ran out really fast. But I have more now, so maybe! ...yeah...

EDIT: Right, not going to do that THIS time. =_= Something keeps happening where all the damage the party does is halved but everything else stays normal and it makes things take a really long time.
Ohhh. I just thought of another thing on Sasuke I'm really, really going to mourn losing. It was this gorgeous picture of someone holding Ed's face and it was just...real nice. I made an icon out of it and turned heads with it for a while. Anybody remember that? Last winter? Does anybody still have it? Or maybe the real picture it was from? It sure isn't on the site it used to be on, though I think there's a link to it somewhere in this LJ. It was a top picture, and the version that's in the gallery right now has different colors. It's less psychedelic. I want the psychedelic version. GIVE IT BACK.

Oh, man, I'm gonna have to face the fact that I might not get it back. Oh, man, that makes me really sad. (That was like, one of my all-time favorites. Come on! Give it baaaack!) Oh maaaan.

EDIT: Unrelated carrying on about art, of all things )


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