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( Feb. 27th, 2005 01:59 am)
...this should go without saying, but I want a voice clip of taisa saying "Ohhh nooo, I peed my pants!" when he was making fun of Ed. Fufufufu. I turned the show on thinking like, uh-huh, crappy filler crap crap, when does Ghost in the Shell come on? And then there was that, so I kept watching. Roy, you big dork. (Ghost in the Shell, by the way, was all manly and stuff this week. I didn't get it, though the fightin' was cool.)

Today I discovered Death Note LJ communities. And doujinshi. Nice day. I have no serious preference for either L x Raito or Raito x L, because I hate to see either one of them acting like ukes. But L does seem to get the uke job most of the time. What, because of all the slouching (EEEE HE'S TOO COOL TO STAND UP STRAIGHT) and curling up (EEEE HE'S IN A LITTLE BALL) and eating sweet stuff (EEEE HE'S GOT CAAAAAKE I LIKE CAAAAAKE)? Classic uke behavior, but what if he stands up, huh? (I think he'd be taller than Raito...) Yeah, so...gettin' incoherent. Better call it quits on that for the night.

Oh, but what does it mean that L always has his thumb(nail) in or around his mouth? *writes it down on List of Important Questions About L* Fufufufufu.

Remember that Smallville thing, where you could watch a specific episode and get Lex's password or something, and then you could get his e-mail on your cell phone? Well, I didn't see the episode or get the password after all (I kind of sort of meant to), but they're still advertising for it on Adult Swim. (Like, 4 times in an hour. Der, you guys.) So now there's a page on it up on their site. (YES, I looked.) It's got the password on it and I think I want to do it...does anybody else have Verizon? Do I have to pay for it? I kind of wonder why they keep advertising it and then put the password up on a website. Maybe it didn't go over so well...oh, god, what if I'm the only person in my area who does it? =_= GEEEEEEEEEEEK.
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( Feb. 27th, 2005 07:36 pm)
I made my "acne-ridden grandmother" curry...and it was good! It has a nice bite. Yarr. So for my future reference, and for anybody out there looking for an English recipe for something like mabo curry (they seem to be in short supply), I'm going to write down my recipe.

A BIG recipe. )

I also had some disastrous fish and chips. They were disastrous because dad made them and he didn't know how to use the deep-fryer right, so he put it all in the baskets at once and the batter...stuck together and became one giant conglomeration. Well, we had some that came out looking right, and it all tasted good.

And I still like L. I speculate that he dislikes spicy food enough to have a humorous reaction to curry.

EDIT: But... ... *gets together some mabo curry* L~! Will you try this for me? vvv

EDIT: Foolishness )


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