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( Apr. 12th, 2005 03:12 am)
So. Apparently the Brawny ads are gay, I think this person is out to get me, and Erementar Gerad #2 isn't out yet. OMG YOU GUYS MY LIFE SUCKS. :(((((((((
Hey, EG anime is up. That took long enough. I know what time it comes on TV, you fuckers. You can't fool me. I'm cranky because I read a really scary article about peak oil.

So the anime is CHANGING THINGS and I don't LIKE IT. HMPH. To be honest, I'm putting this up to some high standards because there's already enough of the manga out there to cover 52 episodes. They don't have to make stuff up because the real author isn't finished and won't talk about it, and that happens on other shows. There's this whole series sitting there, waiting to be animated and there is absolutely NO reason for it to deviate from the manga.

Which means they're changing shit. Directors think it's their god-given right to fuck around with this kind of thing. Insert bitter, bitter joke about animators drawing with their penises instead of pencils. (ちんちん→鉛筆?)

Stuff is just out of order, cut out or changed because...well, god knows what those awful people are thinking. Did you like the symbolism about the windmill and the tower and the wind (do you even remember it)? Yeah, well, you can kiss that goodbye. Now it's just going to be some dumb shit about Ren getting kidnapped and a mean guy seeing her Special Place. And Cou and Ren's relationship. Maybe it's just because Ren hasn't developed a PERSONALITY yet, but it's got more of a sibling feel to it. I miss the "dorks unite" vibe I got from the manga. I miss Ren being a cutie pie. And when are they going to hook her up with someone sweet so we can see her reaction?

Of note, however, is Cisqa's shit fits. She really saves it. Oh, and Cou's henshin sequence (where they also changed the poetry to make it longer). Akakaru kokoro kaze wo matoite MAKE UP!


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