I'd just like to mention that I'm liking Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru now, even though my initial reaction was: "They are mean to girls ARRRR!!!!!!!!!11" and to Miki, "suck it up you little WEASEL! (mean things etc.)" I thought it would take a whole book to get over this, and I would be all suffering and going, "but I HAAAATE this," and not enjoying any of the fun stuff. Instead I've managed to get over it and Identify With Miki's Plight in only the first third of the book. I'm ENJOYING it, and this is pretty unusual for me. I haven't changed my mind on this kind of thing in ages. And Asami bought Miki a fountain pen, and...awwwww.

[livejournal.com profile] canis_m has a summary of this book that's funny and I think she's neat, but the summary was in a locked entry, so...I probably shouldn't be reprinting it here...aaaaand suddenly I'm shy and feeling unworthy, so I don't wanna, like, go ask her. But, um, it's her fault I'm reading this book, help, THEY'RE SO NICE AND SOFT.


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