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( Aug. 12th, 2005 08:06 pm)
I love Mashin )

Ah, man, today's the day I was supposed to be able to take it easy, and I STILL had a shrink appointment. And tomorrow I have dim sum (which I AM looking forward to). And SUNDAY I have a cystitis ball game. It's nice all this stuff started coming up and my schedule was filled, because it keeps me from going crazy with boredom or buying many more things while waiting for a certain preordered game, but, but...I'm so not used to this. I'm a WUSS.

I bought an issue of Animedia again, and it's still full of girls and still has an "Iya Iya Paradise". I'm thinking about just tossing the entire magazine at Yang (the nearest male). Next time I see this thing in a store I'm going to remind myself, I shouldn't buy it. I can't keep myself from buying it, but feeling guilty about it is the first step! And instead I will wait for Animage (which actually delivers with their pictures of shirtless Ed, huh huh huh).

I'm glad I took a nap at an odd hour. 4-7 PM? Yes, well, I'm going to use pills to sleep tonight. Apparently M&M actually showed up on our doorstep (and was sent away). Runan, how're you doing?

And you. Yang. What the hell do you mean by too much pink? I mean, really what do you mean? None?


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